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I think this is red covenant playerkillers
guide on how to find this place is here
its gonna be one of the best hidden things in the game :)
Giving her 10 tongues gives you the Obscuring Ring, which is basically the Thief ring from DeS. (I did this myself, 20 so far is nothing)
Giving her 30 gives you the Man-Grub's Staff (Strenth Scaling Staff)
is maybe after you met 2nd time Siegward (onion=armor guy) and fight with his little taurus demon and then loot this area
Watched someone turn in 76 tongues, only got to Rank 2 for the Staff. Not sure how many Rank 3 needs.
I'm not sure what triggered it (possibly killing the first 3 Lords of Cinder), but I went to level up the covenant and Rosaria was dead, leaving a black eye orb behind. If you go to Gwynevere's room in Anor Londo you can use it.
Joining this covenant will prevent you from about 75% of quests if taken when found.

Keep this in mind. It will ***** you until NG+ and by then auto-invasions are IMPOSSIBLE.
Avoiding spoilers - certain NPCs may be extremely dissapointed with you joining it, preventing you from progressing their side stories. To the best of my knowledge, its the only Covenant that may lead to such an outcome. Dunno about that arbitrary "75%" though. I wouldn't say it is as bad.
It's one quest. Where you pulled 75% from is a mystery of the world.