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oddly enough a really good healing pyromancy hard to get but worth it if your opponent stays within close range of the healing orb with you as you get back dat hp
A really good pvp farming spot is the Ringed inner wall, with the arrow mobs keeping the host in one spot.
Naaah, I prefer fighting gankers behind Pontiff.
In pvp, I run an LV65 Miracle build with pyromancy on the side. Since I rely on Lightning Stake (which has a really big hitbox and high damage.) I think it would be really funny to bring Warmth along to lure people in and then punish with Stake, seeing as Talismans have poise casting and I can do so uninterrupted. I could also bring along Wrath of the Gods or Divine Pillars of Light to scare enemies off as me and other allied phantoms heal up. If anyone reading this has a miracle build lying around, try this and let me know how it goes.
I love this miracle for PvP invasions because of the aggro effect it has on people. I haven’t tried Lightning Stake but it works really well with iron flesh and a quick weapon bundle. People come rushing in and you can punish them quickly Also works well with force for knocking people off ledges
Please a big F in the comments for miracles the best heal in the game is a PYROMANCY!? WHY!!!!!????
Still Faith requirement so run with White Hair Talisman and you can still cast your miracles without hard-swaps.
You mean the best "regen" the best heal is the old good sunlight
Praise MY sun now!
I love to invade people and just heal them after they fight enemies. It's pretty funny how untrusting they are of you, but it's a nice way to help out if you don't feel like waiting to be summoned :D