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By Anonymous
Weakest of All boses. Puts absolutly no fight up.
By Anonymous
This boss is so awkward to fight. Like, it’s big, but small enough to the point where its legs get in your way, as well as the huge hammer. Not to mention the AoE spam that clouds the whole screen. They really should have made him bigger, like Stray Demon sized or more.

Thank God I had a ranged build.
By Anonymous
A boss that spams AoE and a camera that shifts every 10 seconds. Great combination.
By Anonymous
theory: the wood demons of ds3 are second-generation demons born from fragments of the bed of chaos
By Anonymous
I feel so evil when I kill this guy. He’s old and dying, and can barely keep up with the fight. Poor old man.
By Anonymous
This wiki is outdated. It says the old demon king is week to dark but my deep battle axe +6 did only 95 damage. Instead, my claymore infused with fire gem did 350 careful guys
By Anonymous
beat him after 4 tries at SL42 with Black Blade +5, decently simple fight just stay right infront of him and most of his attacks will miss. But the last weird fire explosion left me with like 2 hp.
By Anonymous
His Meteor Rain is epic, not gonna lie.
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