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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Throw in a little Cleric Beast too
By Anonymous
A flaming demon looks similar to other demons? Stop the presses!
By Anonymous
Also add in the flaming boss faced at the end of Bloodborne's DLC-Laurence the First Vicar
By Anonymous
you can summon a pyromancer npc for this boss (strangley enough) who casts poison fog
By Anonymous
iron tarkus imposter can be summoned for this fight, his sign is in a hallway before the staircase leading to the boss. Circa
By Anonymous
You probably have to kill Tarkus before being able to summon him for the fight.
By Anonymous
strangely enough when I tried to summon that npc the sign wasnt there :/ could only bring the pyromancer in with me
By Anonymous
"smouldering lake" (swamp in fire where great arrows are shoting, many big crabs and big worm around after nito boss)
By Anonymous
AND you can force the boss to attack the mimic with the ranged fire attack. The mimic will get mad and boy is he strong, he will basically kill the boss in 4 hits and be nearly dead so you can get them both. Profit.
By Anonymous
It's not the same enemy. That is a "small" version of this boss.
By Anonymous
By sx_
what mimic?
By Anonymous
When he did his stunned animation near the end of the fight before his big aoe when he brought his hammer down i got stuck inside of it lol.
By Anonymous
is this not the same demon wandering around in the upper reaches of the undead settlement? ludleth shows me his equipment requiring "soul of a demon" after killing that enemy with siegward, though I wasn't actually rewarded the demon soul
By Anonymous
You get the Soul of Demon on the way to this boss. An enemy that's identical to the one you fought with Siegward drops it.This one is the boss version of those 2.
By Anonymous
It is a boss version of those demons with some extra abilities.
By Anonymous
It is a boss version of those demons with extra abilities,
By Anonymous
It looks almost exactly the same, but the boss version is about 10x harder.
By Anonymous
He will try to use a sweep attack and hammer slam attack if you stay in his mid range, the hammer slam has incredibly long range and if it hits, he will attack 4 more time with demon speed Man I got rekt by this combo many times.
By Anonymous
I'm on NG++ and have defeated this boss 3 times (I have both his boss weapons). But the achievement for beating him on Xbox One isn't unlocking.
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