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By Anonymous
I can't avoid that elbow for the life of me; it's instantaneous. The rest of his attacks are okay but the elbow threat makes everything else an anticipation game.
By Anonymous
One of the best fights in the game, I don’t even get salty dying to him since he’s so fun to fight
By Anonymous
Was feeling pretty good after killing Yhorm, Dancer and Oceiros in 1 try and then this guy appears and brutally **** me like 10 times in a row. Very frustrating fight. Bosses that won't even let you heal are the absolute worst. I hope the rest are more balanced.
By Anonymous
they get worse
By Anonymous
have fun with nameless king
By Anonymous
If you want to heal fighting NK just get some distance and you have plenty of time because he's mainly walking twoards you
By Anonymous
just beat him after like 2 hours, i resorted to using the swordmaster, ngl it didn't feel good to win like that, i had him so close on solo tries
By Anonymous
he is ez to parry, but screw up and prepare to die
By Anonymous
"Well, Dancer with a Zweihander was pretty tough, but I managed to get her, Oceiros with a Zweihander was reasonably difficult, but I got him in due time. I wonder how Gundyr will go!"

-Me, a dumbass thinking that Gundyr will be a similar experience
By Anonymous
Lets be real, if Champion Gundyr would level up to like SL 100 he would eradicate every elden ring boss within a second.
By Anonymous
after playing elden ring, Gundyr is still the champion, no elden ring boss could ever knock him off his top spot
By Anonymous
elden ring is overrated, literally every ds game is better
By Anonymous
@11 May 2022 03:42 lmao youre so far wrong, but i agree because they cant let the game run on cards worth less than 700$
By Anonymous
i would marry gundyr on the spot
By Anonymous
Oh boy! I can't wait to fight this boss! I hope he doesn't lunge and combo my *** into a roast turkey!
By Anonymous
unlimited stamina boss
By Anonymous
FS: hey let's make a boss with wack attack animations, hits like a truck, and unlimited stamina. And let's call it fun.
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