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By Anonymous
In my humble opinion this Chad has the largest difficulty swing with a summon of pretty much any FromSoft boss. Incredibly aggressive and effective duelist, one of the hardest bosses in the game alone (particularly if you are a nonparry loser like me), one or twoshotable with Sword Masters help. Curious if others had this experience.
By Anonymous
godfrey vibes
By Anonymous
Despite i am good at parrying(but ONLY him)
this dude destroys me every time(many times at under 30% hp).
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Real boss is the run to the fog
By Anonymous
No, just no, bro
By Anonymous
No. It's one of the easiest in the game. You literally kill one of the grave wardens, the first hollow you encounter and then drop to the one at his right. From there you can sprint to the fog wall and not take damage 90% of the time.
By Anonymous
You don't have to kill any of them. Just run, drop off the cliff, keep running and you're there.
By Anonymous
haha parry go PONGGG
By Anonymous
im confused is Gundyr a really tall human or is he similar to the ds1 iron golem but has more free will
By Anonymous
hes just a big guy. 100% hoomon in that suit.
By Anonymous
Is there even a boss simililar in elden ring to champion gundyr
By Anonymous
he is the chad
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
The first miniboss roaming the necrolimbo is close enough.
By Anonymous
Commander Niall minus the two knights
By Anonymous
Thou shall not heal with estus
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