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By Anonymous
Here's some trivia I hope gets placed onto the wiki. If you kill Champion Gundyr with a riposte, walk to the empty shrine without resting and walk back his model will appear where he died at just standing there. It caught me off guard the first time because he uses his idle animation when standing there and I thought I full revived him. He can't be interacted with and the moment you rest at a fire or warp he disappears.
By Anonymous
Can second this! Just watched my friend do this today following these instructions, thank you for sharing!
By Anonymous
Iudex: ay yo welcome to ds3 how may I take your tutorial

Champion: I grew up in the bad part of lothric and I ain't scared of throwin' hands with no weak-*** ashen one
By Anonymous
He is supposed to be resistant to slash damage, but I found out Curved Great Swords are great against him. Not in terms of damage, but animations. When you swing 2h R1s, your character lowers his posture so much most of Gundyrs attacks go over your head. If you time it right, you can get 4 hit combo while he does his double thrust attack and not get hit. Gundyrs weakness to bleed means Carthus one might me best choice. It works also with Nameless King but less so, his timing is harder to get right.
I fought with him today using Dragonslayer Greataxe (NG+4), also good weapon for him. Every attempt I parried his first phase and found out that Hornet Ring didn't provide any bonus. I don't usually use it, so I might misunderstand something about how it works. Is it incompatible with great weapons, or maybe it doesn't work with bosses?
By Anonymous
Ooops nevermind, just read on Hornet Ring page it doen't affect Gundyr. Mystery solved.
By Anonymous
Good night, everyone. As a pyromancer, i say to you: get as close to him as possible. He was kicking my ***, then i do the same as i do to oceiros. It seems the key to utter agressive bosses is to get close. Dodging the kick is the bad part, but is possible. Dodge, cast cbv and dodge again. Stay with distance is just impossible, so dont bother. Get close is the answer!!
By Anonymous
I love the boss, but I hate the long run to the boss arena in the untended graves. You have a bonfire that's quite a bit further away than the one that leads to Iudex Gundyr, you have a Grave Warden thrown in who on occasion turns ultra agressive and follows you until the fog wall and you have like 15 hollows on the way trying to stop or weaken you.

And I mean, unless you are just gonna parry him to death, chances are it'll take you a few tries.
By Anonymous
ye why cant they put the bonfire like it was in cemetery of ash
By Anonymous
my dude has never played ds2 dlc it seems
By Anonymous
hahaha its just a reski...
By Anonymous
Fast spells are the only viable spells if you're a pure caster here. Crystal Soul Spear is JUST fast enough with 50 dex (or 20 + Sage's Ring) if you time it right, but Heavy Soul Arrow will get you killed. It's a bit tedious to dodge 3-5 attacks and only get to shoot once, but that's how it is in phase 2.

Summon the Sword Master if you feel like this fight is too annoying or you just want to kill him faster. Sword friendo is awful at avoiding attacks, but he takes the pressure off you when you need it and lets you get a lot of free casts/heals in. In NG+, Sword Master survived the whole fight for me. Then again he probably only survived because Gundyr wouldn't leave me the hell alone for 80% of it, but that 20% of distraction was all I needed.

I'm a hybrid caster (Int/Faith) so I switched to Lightning Arrow with the Crystal Chime for this fight. He's not as weak to lightning as you might hope, so I wouldn't worry about using magic/fire against him. It's probably almost as effective.
By Anonymous
Who would win? An undead demigod wearing unbreakable armor, or a tiny shield that makes a funny PONG noise
By Anonymous
Im confused... this wiki says gundyr is weak to bleed yet fandom wiki says he is resistant to bleed?
By Anonymous
Oddly enough, this wiki say he is resistant to Bleed too, just not in the bracket. I believe I have seen this on other boss pages too, they include things in the "weakness" bracket that are effective despite them being resistant. Which is unnecessary I would think, it should just be explained in the strategies that they are effective despite the resistance.
By Anonymous
He needs two Casts of Dorhy's, so he's actually not weak, he's resistant.
By Anonymous
to think that all of dark souls 3 could be avoided if Gundyr just had an alarm clock
By Anonymous
probably clicked snooze
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