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By Anonymous
wow swordmaster loves to die 2 seconds into the fight, huh?
By Anonymous
parry-riposte go brrrrrrr
By Anonymous
got annoyed by the boss, desided to use a summon,
the summon jumped off a cliff before the boss and i beat him the same try lol
By Anonymous
A blessing from the lord
By Anonymous
Gundyr everywhere mode
By Anonymous
might as well just disable flasks during the fight
By Anonymous
Probably the easiest boss in the game. Just keep running in circles and parry his jumping smash. The only other way he can close up the distance is the charge in phase 2, which is easy to dodge from far away. Virtually all of his flashy moveset is made irrelevant.
By Anonymous
Let me correct you: just parry thats it, this is the easiest to parry boss
By Anonymous
What about the easier version of the same dude?
By Anonymous
if you run in circles he can just turn around and do that kick combo
By Anonymous
my favourite first boss out of any souls game. im glad they went back and made him stronger later on
By Anonymous
"I don't fear the man who practiced 10,000 kicks once, I fear the man who practiced one kick 10,000 times"
By Anonymous
That charge attack is bs. Other than that pretty cool fight.
By Anonymous
To dodge: dodge sideways then dodge again for the slash
To parry: dodge backwards then parry the slash
By Anonymous
They should've given him a different animation for a no-hit victory, like Sir Alonne's Seppuku. Maybe a sort of approval gesture for besting such a champion.
By Anonymous
Yeah, like a respectful bow or salute as he falls to his knees when you kill him, perhaps mimicking the kneeling stance he's in before the start of the fight.
By Anonymous
Good idea, but since he gets corrupted by the abyss a bit into his fight, it wouldn't make sense.
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