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Vordt's Great Hammer works wonders for a low-level str build. Stack up life via your rings and then you can use Perseverance in his 2nd phase attack strings; swing through like an idiot and you crush him haha!

Never thought to use Perseverance on him until yesterday; boy is that a cheese move.
The most manliest man in dark souls! Even havel seems like a ***** cuz he can't break his opponents through his shoulders and punches
Nameless King's weapons: A giant halberd, A dragon, Lightning bolts, wind
Dragonslayer Armor's weapons: A massive shield, a massive axe
Soul of Cinder's weapons: An entire arsenal of magics and weapons that he fluidly changes into

Gundyr's weapon: His body
wonder if gundyrs name is actually a real worlds persons name
He got the drip
A very aggressive boss, I must say
wait are normal gundyr and champion gundyr related to each other in some way like bros or somthing
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