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Iudex Gundyr: "May the best win."

Champion Gundyr: "I am formed in over 6 million ways of kicking your ***."
Holy shoot parrying him is very easy in both the phases. Never tried parrying in ng & ng+1 and here I am able to parry all the attacks. Use the iron round shield. Although in phase 2 only the phase 1 attacks can be parried. Just remember if you get hit or the parry fails donnot panic or its the end especially in phase 2.
No some of his phase two attacks can also be parried. The Gundyr Charge is parried after he spins and is about to hit you. Any attack with his halberd's blade can also be parried, including the slam attack when he lunges into the air. The only things that can't be parried are anything without his halberd's blade (shoulder shove, kick, upwards hit with the handle that launches you).
I got him first try on my first playthrough but hey I was super lucky. He didn't kicked me that much and did a lot of grab attacks that allows me 3 hits from +10 broadsword. Facing him again and he's kicking my *** into oblivion lol.


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First time I tried to fight him with sword master he glitched into the coffin on the far left of the arena while fighting him and they both died. I knew this was a glitch that could happen but I wasn't even trying to do it. Lucky me :)
an intense fight but not as hard as some people say it is beat it on my first try with a full strength build and +7 greatsword. The best way to win is to stay close to him and r1 after his combo is over, then wait to roll as soon as you see the next attack coming(should be pretty easy since all his combo starting attacks are highly telegraphed.
Ya he’s pretty easy but I was pretty low level when I fought and I kept running away and cursed myself out for it in the moment then died
Cool, didn’t ask
you know sh*t is about to go down when an enemies eyes go red
so he is both weak and resistant to bleed? wow!!! ......
so i guess he's like...

neutral to bleed?
Bear in mind, we fight Gundyr at SL1. Imagine if he met his firekeeper and actually leveled up...
his aggression and speed would be so high that you wouldn't even see him it would just be a blur
I think he might’ve retained his original sl before he was undead or unkindled (assuming he is)


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Ashen One, having just survived a flurry of deadly hits: "Surely he's got a decent recovery window where I can land a hi-"

Gundyr: BOOT
I kid you not the boot is the only move that makes him hard



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