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He'll have the black ooze or something entirely different
Well he does Hogan up after about 50% of his health so that mighty boot quickly becomes the mightier bootm
'Fraid the only thing the CHAMP needs is shoulder rushes and his MIGHTY BOOT.
Ooze is foe chumps like that Iudex fella.
Champion Gundyr is the ''True'' version of Iudex Gundyr. And resides in the ''True'' Untended Graves. Behind the chambers of Oceiros, The Consumed King. Hitting the illusionary wall behind the chest will reveal the passage way to the Untended Graves as you descend from Lothric Castle.

Unlike the fake abyss creation Iudex, Champion Gundyr doesn't have a corrupted form and is relentless monster. After he falls you arrive at the ''True'' Firelink Shrine and all the lights have been snuffed out. Black Knights patrol the area and are protecting a single being still residing, being who knows much of the world.

The Old Hag still sits on her chair, congratulating you for finding the accursed place. She speaks about the Fire Keepers and their burderns and is referring to the girl in the fake Firelink Shrine a ''poor girl''. I am curious that she remains in both shrines simulatnously while having different wares. She sells you the ''Best Armour'' of the certain DkS 1 knight.
A very creepy truth indeed. Similar at the Hunter Dream/Old Abandoned Workshop relashionship in Bloodborne. And in the True Firelink Shrine, you find a item that lead at the "End of Fire" ending, apparently (i'm sorry for my poor english, but i'm italian).

Anyway, nobody has find how to access at the "Usurper of Fire" ending?
I cant seem to find The Consumed King location for whatever reason and now im stumped.



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you just need to follow yuria quest line
You can summon the Katana wielding NPC for this fight, the one you fight in the wall of lothric
where is the summon sighn?



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i heard its something called giant chain i wish its a whip or something
He might be weak to fire. I used black and regular firebombs to GREAT effect while he was fighting the summon.
hey parry kings suck this guy's balls in his second phase.

I've noticed a lot of things fighting this Gundyr 20 times in a row to get his moveset down.
1) Every time I entered the fog door, I had enough time to buff my sword with Great Magic Weapon and use a Green blossom before he became active.
2) He always opened up with the exact same attack. It's one of the leaps he uses to close in on you, but it's easily parried.
3) My ripostes did damage, but not enough. I noticed that if I circled around him, I could hit 3 longsword hits before he started kicking. Front strong attacks were bad since he almost always was able to punish my greed then.
4) Second Phase at around 60% hp
5) He always tried to kick me when I hit him in the back, and I mean always. Easy to exploit if he doesn't combo the kick into anything, since-
6) He's aggressive as all hell. Every time I got kicked down or simply got knocked down, he'd always have another attack coming my way the same second as I got up. If you have 70%+ weight in this boss, you're going to have a bad time because I-frames are god.
7) Same as 6, he's aggressive as all hell. Using my barbed straight sword, I could only safely get a single attack in, dangerously two, before having to roll out of the way of more of his attacks. Narrowly a second or two between attacks ending, he can attack again.
8) First phase hit him in the front, second, any angle is dangerous. In the first phase, I noticed that his attacks are all telegraphed and dodged easily, except for the kick which happens if I hit him in the back, or as a followup when he's comboing. In the second phase, he's got these really quick attacks with amazing tracking if you hit from the front, like his signature charge, which, while telegraphed, can hurt like hell and knocked me down every time I didn't block the final proc of damage, leading to number 6, and quick death if I wasn't fast enough.
9) His old moveset is your savior. I'm serious, it's easy to parry and heal. If I stuck around my idea of mid range, which was at the end of Gundyr's halberd, I could get a stab move (If you dodge, it's a double or triple stab for the whole move) that was easily parried on the first instance of hitting. I couldn't get parries during the second or third stabs. His leap engage where he stabs into the ground is perfect for getting 2-3 hits in or using an estus. His second distance closing move, the one I mentioned at 2, is, as I said, easily parried, and doesn't have much chance of punishment if you dodge out of the way to estus.
10) Don't be afraid to block. Dodging is nice, but know that if you don't think you can get the dodge, block. When rolling out of his attacks, hold down the button to block the moment you get out of the roll. This has saved me from collecting a lot more deaths, and prolonging the lives I spent in the fight.
11) Dark Souls in general, estus use. Gundyr is a hyper aggressive mofo, he made every effort to attack when I tried to estus. I know, experienced souls players know to wait for a boss to attack before using estus, but Gundyr is even worse about punishing people. His second phase combos are so long and drawn out that it was ridiculously hard to estus without him breathing down my throat, even at long range he could gap close on me quickly.
12) He is cheap. You can die at any time, just because Gundyr wanted you to. The number of times he's hit me with a wakeup attack the split second my knockdown I-frames end goes pretty high. I did fight him 20 times after all. Just be ready to die at any moment, don't take unnecessary risks, since all he needs is to get lucky once and land a combo + wakeup hit to 100%-0% you.
13) He's fun as hell to fight. In all the 20 times I fought him, I got my everything torn off by his halberd. I enjoyed every second of it and felt cheated when I finally killed him and knew I'd have to go NG+ or make another character to fight him again.

Note, my character got to fight Gundyr at level 50 since someone told me how to fight the dancer and I got a bit carried away with exploring the end-game areas.
Was using refined barbed straight sword +9 alongside grass crest shield, heretic catalyst +3. Full fallen knight armor, chloranthy ring, faster casting ring, estus ring, and the more I-frames ring. 30/20 str/dex, with 20 int great magic weapon, and lots of green blossoms.


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Nice god***** job From
Second phase is just non-stop attacks. *****ing 10-hit combos. No windows to attack him.
Welp, didn't know I could parry him.


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