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By Anonymous
Mfs be on those crystal sage edibles
By Anonymous
So, I heard recently that storytellers staff can proc poison on the main deacon (the one that comes out later) before he ever leaves his place in the wall. It's true, it's funny, and it's silly. Point storytellers at the wall behind the first red deacon when you first enter the room and spam poison spores until you see the main health bar get poisoned. By the time the main deacon shows up they're at about 25% health without doing anything else.
By Anonymous
If you think this boss is lame and boring then always use an Ember before entering the fight, because whoever leaves their sign there wants to have fun doing silly stuff like spamming Wrath of the Gods (or wants easy sunlight medals).
By Anonymous
Pokimane's simps after donating her all their life savings
By Anonymous
Died to these guys on NG++ with my lvl60+6 pyro. It's like the crystal sage, those projectiles end up being pretty damn dangerous with the damage boost.
By Anonymous
Twink moment
By Anonymous
Sellsword Twinblades + Pontiffs Left Eye = LoL.. this is a boss?

Sick *** music though, I’ll give it that.
By Anonymous
Farron Greatsword makes this boss Majima Style
By Anonymous
Breaker Style
By Anonymous
this boss is easy I've never lost to it
By Anonymous
wow I lost to the fight, you must be really good!
By Anonymous
>miracle builds
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