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fromsoft really be sticking 70 pinwheels in a room and calling it a boss
does the curse affect npcs? also if the npc summons die this fight does it affect their questlines?
Curse does affect NPC's. I decided to take Tsorig and Cuculus for a spin in the catacombs. Both died from curse from basilisks. And I don't think the death of their phantom will fail the quest. ANd frankly I strongly doubt their phantoms will die in his particular fight unless you make them do all (and I mean ALL) the work.
What's this? Dark Soul's Rom?
Oh. My. God. Farron's GS turned this fight into a massacre. A few spin moves later and I spent more time running around the coffin looking for deacons than actually hitting the deacons. I actually felt bad.
i've never died to this boss and i got 300 hours on dark souls, if you cant seem to beat these bruhs dark souls isn't the game for you.
This comment is just wrong. try a sorcerer caster only run and read your comment again.



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This boss is too op, fromsoft pls nerf
Its impossible to git gud with these damn Deacons and their damn 4N4L CREAMPIES
i don't get why so many people say this boss is the easiest, i have made a pyromancer run, which means that i use all kinds of magics, pyromancies, sorceries and miracles, and i know this boss is easy as ***** when you focus on having a high damage MELEE weapon, but for mages like myself, fighting these dudes is very hard, to be honest every time i have to fight these guys i die at least 5 or 10 times until i beat them, but i don't use magic do kill them though, last time i fought them for example, i used my crystal gem infused broadsword+4 and i'm not gonna lie, i died 7 times so far trying to beat them, because the fatties just kept pushing me away with their force spell and stunning me to the ground, and the main archdeacon from the 2nd phase of the boss just kept healing itself, while i was trying to hit him and having all these deacons hitting me at the same time, many times i just ended up delaying too much and getting cursed from their magic and had to try over and over again, and believe me i am not that bad with other bosses, i killed the abyss watchers at the VERY FIRST try by using my Great Heavy Soul Arrow and i defeated the Dancer of the Boreal Valley rather easily with my Pestilent Mist (though not on the first try) and Dancer is a HARD boss, and still i have some trouble with the Deacons every time i have to fight them, i even find it easier to kill them WITHOUT using the alluring skulls, and everytime i defeated the Deacons was NOT using the alluring skulls, but i'm gonna be honest to you, the easiest boss i ever fought was actually High Lord Wolnir which i just defeated on the first try and it was just ABSOLUTELY easy to kill him, but please don't hate me or other people just because they have difficulty fighting the Deacons, remember that the experience of Dark Souls 3 and each of their bosses is completely different for some people than it is for others :)
they are resistant to magic, so a crystal infusion may not have been the best idea, especially for a pyromancer.
I'm running a challenge broken sword no summons run, and the second phase was legit tough. I died a solid half dozen times to these guys. Probably cause my AR is bs and the fatties kept healing the main dude, and knocking me down with force, and insta-KOing me with the curse cloud, and aaagghhh!! God, whats Dancer gonna be like...
Three fatties didn't like this comment
In NG+7 on a super high SL pyro build this is the funnest fight in the game. It's like being that skeleton guy from the one anime who destroys that whole army of guys in one attack.
Next boss: "The Hollowed Children That The Deacons Molested."