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I actually struggle with this boss on my first INT run, my magic did no damage to him and the npc made it even harder. Any other type of run was a first try success
Pestilent Mist makes 2nd phase trivial
I used the boulder spell that you get from stray demon during second phase
On a pure caster, even with pestilent mist it isn't easy. I've used soul greatsword (first phase) and farron flashsword with Alluring skulls (second phase) (Aural Decoy doesn't seem to work).
A tip for newbies struggling with this fight. Use the pontiffs left eye ring (boss transpossed ring from vordt). This is really the only fight where that ring shines and if you do you will not need to heal using your estus one time! There is a glitch or feature of that ring that heals for more than just 30 HP if you hit multiple enemies with the final hit for the heal proc. It will completely fill your HP. Just attack as many of them at a time as you can (try for 3 minimum). My favorite weapon for this fight is the crow talons because you just aim for the largest clump of enemies you see and use the weapon art. Instant full heal. Back away and repeat. All except the fat deacons have no poise and you can spam longsword or any weapon with a horizontal arc. As long as you can hit 3 enemies at a time minimum it should be easy.
I literally just ran around, found a spot to go in and hit the boss himself every once in a while and did it on my first try. Easiest boss I´ve seen.
Never before have I seen such a frustrating build up to such an easy boss, perhaps the easiest boss in the Dark Souls universe.
would be cooler if the boss was the archdeacon that got turned into a beast all Bloodborne style and at the start you see him perched on top of the coffin in the center would've been cooler than the Aldrich fan club
i never realised there was some curse air thing untill my playthrough where i ran around in second phase


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For all of you who did not get this set from Deacons of the Deep - after killing the boss just reload the game - a Deacon's body with full set will appear a few steps from the bonfire.
Wish from had more fun with their bad bosses. Just change this dude's boss theme to an arabic nokia ringtone and call it a day
Wow look at this*****ty boss good job FromSoftware probably one of the easiest souls bosses I’m on ng+++++++ and I regret saying that
Why not just say NG+7 instead of typing out 7 f*ckin plus signs. And yes it's an easy boss, everyone knows From likes to troll us. That being said, the way you worded that was annoying and makes you look stupid.
Felt like I've fought the entire Vatican population
Nah bruh, you still have your trousers