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By Anonymous
lol Lightsaber
By Anonymous
That was my first thought when I saw it xD
By Anonymous
Nah, Fire and Magic. But it does resemble, I'll give you that.
By Anonymous
*Cough* *Cough* Sith Lord
By Anonymous
I am your father~~
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Looks like the clone will be a real thorn in the throat
By Anonymous
theres 2 npc summons here
By Anonymous
3 actually; Anri, the shade of londor? (Name confirmation please) and Black hand.
By Anonymous
I added information on his attacks and how to beat him.
By Anonymous
Using the sorcerers set really turned this boss from impossible to doable in a few tries. The sorcerer set gives tons of resistance to all magic and is somewhat light weight which is good for minor strength builds. also use fire resistant ring if you have it and run with the grass crest shield. I would destroy me as soon as he hit stage 2 but the sorceres appears to negate the most damage from the boss as well as his summons One of the hardest bosses IMO
By kyloren
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just got to him.. took him down to 90% health before he finally got me (by the two of them depleting my stamina)wish i knew his weakness so i can apply it
By Chaotic_Warlock97
Lightning works. I used it most of my playthroughs. Took a lot of bosses down except nameless king.
By Anonymous
Added parrying strategy. Its OP
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