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By Anonymous
Lightning is the best element against him. Dark can beat it by a VERY tiny amount with the blindfold mask.
By Anonymous
I don’t like how people be hating my pontiff. He left the painted world found the profaned flame and wanted to take it back so we could get a better dlc.
By Anonymous
Wish our pope was a badass who dual wields lightsabers.
By Anonymous
people think i am like slave knight gael but deep down im this mf
By Anonymous
You’re pinwheel
By Anonymous
All diffficulty aside can we appreciate the music, i feel like it really sets the feel for the the battle against the traitor of lothric and the royal family
By Anonymous
in ng can you strategy 1 because you can't get the ring of favor yet?
By Anonymous
Of course! The ring of just a bonus to stats. It's not necessary just recommended. Just get a couple extra levels if your stamina is too low. Or just do parry method because it's a lot easier
By Anonymous
Sully, this is mommy. I've packed your ADHD meds, please take them. Mr. Aldritch complained again of you waving your crayons during class again.
By Anonymous
He's never been the same since Old Man Yhorm taught him how to make BBQ
By Anonymous
He may be resistant to bleed but that didn’t prevent me and Londor Pale Shade from bleeding him to death. Fastest phase 2 since when I summoned players.
Oh and +0 level 11 so I didn’t know what to do otherwise.
By Anonymous
got him 2nd try, yall should really parry.
By Anonymous
Got him 1st try, y’all should really dodge ;)
By Anonymous
I stand up close to him for the entrie fight to punch him in the **** because he is tall
By Anonymous
Finally got him. The carthus blood ring was really useful against him. Spamming great chaos fire orbs whenever he summons clones was really beneficial too.
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