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By Anonymous
I...I killed him on the second try, while hollowed. I was ready for this grueling hell on earth. Same dance behnd and chop it in the *** I use for everything else.
By Anonymous
I'm going to be completely honest.
After almost 40+ regular and challenge runs, I can safely conclude that this mf right here is the hardest boss for me in the game
By Anonymous
his mothers a tree
By Anonymous
Ring of Favor should probably be noted that it's NG+, since the place you can get it requires you beat Sulyvahn in the first place. Unless I'm sorely mistaken
By Anonymous
thats what i said ages ago! u cant get ring of favor until u get past pontiff and then kill one of the dogs past the deacons, making the strat useless until ng+
By Anonymous
His fast combo, long flurry, high damage wouldn't be so bad if he staggered when hit. But no, the guy just tanks ultra greatsword hits without flinching.
By Anonymous
"Art thou ready to git gud"
By Anonymous
Who needs fancy parries when you have an ember and an npc gank squad

Anri gotthard and pale shade are actually kinda useful in this fight, and if you don't wanna be "evil" you can still trivialize it with anri and gotthard
By Anonymous
Exactly! On my first run i summoned all the npcs i could, and then i started throwing lightning spears at distance while they were drawing the aggro.
By Anonymous
Beat first time having npc phantoms to distracted him made it to easy.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
If your melee character hits hard, you can pretty much kill Pontiff's hologram before it comes out. After Pontiff squat down for the 2nd phase transformation, he will raise his sword to summon the hologram. When that happens, go up and start pouncing. Remember to equip Pontiff's Right Eye ring and/or do War Cry if available.
By Anonymous
bruh, one of the most important bosses in the game and he don't mean jack **** afterwards
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