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Man, on Steam I was playing in offline mode and I killed Oceicos, went to Untended Graves, went to Archdragon Peak, and killed the Ancient Wyvern. I got none of these achievements. If anyone knows a fix for it outside of doing them in a seperate save I would appreciate that.
Don't play on offline mode if you want achievements lol
I'm unaware of any way you can get them without a separate save. That sucks. Having retread the same ground just for an achievement you should have already gotten can feel tedious.
all of this only because you didnt want to get "visited" by a phantom
Alternatively, You could use Steam Achievement Manager. You've killed these bosses fair and square, after all.


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Nameless is bronze, the same trophy rating that is kindling a bonfire. Thank you from software
For the spells, do you have to have them all on one character?
Yes, you must obtain all of the spells in the same character