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The Twink Princes
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If you want to call me baby, just go ahead now
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Phase 2 is just stupid and lame. Either you get oneshot from behind by a teleporter or from the front by homing missiles. Worst boss in the entire franchise.
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One of the few bosses that felt amazing to fight even on another playthrough for me, I think the voiced cutscenes really make this one special
By SonyaUliana
It's not mentioned anywhere on the page, so I'll contribute (since for some reason I can't find the button to submit edits):

If you're able to get far enough away from Lorian after his combos, typically by rolling backwards several times, he'll simply attempt to crawl towards you instead of teleporting. This is an ideal window of opportunity for ranged builds to attack him multiple times, as long as you're able to keep your distance, and if you're able to space yourself by kiting him from the edge of the arena you can actually gain like +/- 20 seconds of attack time. Given the size and shape of the arena obviously he'll inevitably be able to catch up to you and begin teleport attacks all over again, but it's at least a good way to get some damage in with less stress.
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I could definitely listen to lothric speak for hours on end
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When ASMR kicks in
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gamba boss, guess what he will do after teleport
By Anonymous
*teleports behind You*
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For strength/quality build people, FUGS is still absurd since in the 2nd phase its greatsword vertical swing can hit lothric as well as lorian. I recommend a lightning resin to make things even smoother. Vordt's great hammer is good all around but again, with heavy attacks you can hit both twins in 2nd phase along with the ridiculous damage and frostbite, this will stagger lorian in phase one. You also can't go wrong with a black knight weapon if you have enough dex at this point, the axe is a little more awkward than the BL great sword but should work. Master your dodging but you can't hesitate. Trading blows is required if you want to make the fight shorter.
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Why did i only got about 63500 souls for him ?
By Anonymous
Because you used coop.
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By iota-09
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ah, so grand archives and lothric are two different accesses?
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