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lautrec is that you?
nice try
So, is he the big dumb one with the buggered legs?
nah he's the one on the back who sounds like gwyndolin
They both have buggered legs, silly! He's the support, Lorian's the tank.
skill:yellow flash
Is it just me or does he have a resemblence to the forlorn armor and greatsword?
infuse black knight shield, upgrade to +8 etc. for 99% fire resist and block basically all the time. let go only for the briefest moments to recover. no damage will spill through. I managed with roughly 23 endurance and 70% load. in phase 2 stay close all the time to prevent the homing soul mass from being cast all the time. just attack once after every hit combo while holding block, and only go all out during the revive.
Cheese strats
Unfortunately you can't infuse Black Knight Shield.
Is it confirmed that they are related? because Lothric might have been before Oceiros and from what i can tell there is no mention of Oceiros having more than one child, feel free to correct me if i missed something
In the Divine Blessing item description, it states that the Queen of Lothric disappeared after giving birth to their *youngest* child.
While not explicitly stated, it's safe to imply that Lorian and Lothric are the elder children of the Queen and Oceiros.
Whoever edited the trivia section also has a point when they say that Lothric has some dragon-esque features.
Ah, ok thank you
those delayed teleport attacks...

rage quit.
I hear you. Most difficult boss for me because of those teleports. Needed at least five tries being able to adapt and another five to finally kill him.
It's the Taguro Brothers!
So which one of them is Lothric? The small one or big one?
Lothric is the smaller, younger prince.