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By Anonymous
I glitched dark blade on it and dancer was no more. Good weapon.
By Anonymous
Invaders coming to give you that sucky sucky
By Harv
Curse-rotted Greatwood died to this thing for me without second phasing, because the weak points didn't burst.
By Anonymous
Outside of the twinking and sl1 runs, really solid early/mid game weapon for a faith build, until you can get your hands on blessed LKGS, Lightning Bident, or Sunlight Straight Sword
By Anonymous
leaving bident infused is your best bet on a faith build, but yeah I get what you are saying
By Anonymous
this made mincemeat of the abyss watchers
By Anonymous
Really wished this could parry for the ultimate cool factor.
By Anonymous
it still could in ds1, unfortunate they removed it
By Anonymous
If you are in NG+ and wield them in separate hands, can one be used as a shield and the other as a fist, or do they work like other fist weapons.
By Anonymous
yes, i just tried it and you can have two and they basically act the same as they do on their own, left hand shield + lifedrain and right hand does the punchy punchy
By Anonymous
One of the more broken low level weapons in the game. The amount of twinks i run into using this at high wall of Lothric is too high. The damage is obscene for no investment from any player. If there was one weapon in the game that needed some requirements / nerf, its this one. Overall, its really unique and if you hit the weapon skill its really strong. Blocking with is for Physical damage is useless, but it can come in handy for any elemental damage. Like others have said, this Weapon will melt Dancer of the Boreal Valley at any level. Absurd and one of the more broken lower level weapons.

By Anonymous
Absolutely hate it when people write in the wiki like "I tested y and x z" Just write facts and try to keep this neat for the love of god. You are literally the reason I'd rather use wikia.
By Anonymous
got all the way to alrich with this mf at SL12
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