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By Anonymous
Yuria? As in, the Witch Yuria? ANOTHER Demon's Souls reference? Think they're trying to tell us something? Maybe the undead curse was a product of the forbidden Soul Arts? Next thing you know they'll unveil a Talisman of Beasts lol
By Anonymous
I think that the undead curse was caused from lord gwyn linking the first flame to humanity
By Anonymous
And londor sounds like londo, as in new londo, home of the darkwraiths
By Anonymous
I guess that conforms that Londor is what Lordran is called by the time of Dark Souls 3.
By Anonymous
It's also similar to "Londo" as in "New Londo". Considering that is where the darkwraiths who used this weapon were born and Londors apparent reverence to the dark and it's powers perhaps Londor was named after New Londo? Maybe it was even built upon it?
By Anonymous
From other item descriptions it seems that Londor is the "land of the hollow". Lordran is referred to as "the land swallowed by darkness" and Drangleic is yet to be referred to directly, but vendrick is addressed as the "Old King of Want" so name probably will have to do with "want". Londor, from what appears to bubble to surface, is not lordran or drangleic but kinda both and more. The trailer did say after all that it was a transitory land where the lands of the lords of cinder converge to one.
By Anonymous
it's been at least a thousand years (i think) story wise, and also i've noticed that the general story seems very familiar, what with the knight that went and fell to the dark powers, hell his sword, lorian's greatsword, looks very similar to the abyssal greatsword from DS1 (i.e. missing half of it's guard and a beaten, only real difference is that one is all burn-ey and red, and the other is shadowy and black)
By Anonymous
Like, It used to drain soft humanity but... that's not a thing anymore.
By Anonymous
According to the weapon art it steals HP now to heal it's user and harm enemies.
By Anonymous
I watched fightingcowboy's "Let's Play" early releases and he got a number of Dark Wraith gear off of Dark Wraiths out in the swamp/woods area. Dose this also drop off?I'm guessing it steals life now for humanity isn't in the game anymore, minus Embers but from what I see, those are dime a dozen unlike effigies on DS2.
By Anonymous
I've done some pretty extensive farming on them and I can confidently say they do not drop the hand. Around 5 of almost everything else from them has dropped for me bit still no dark hand
By Anonymous
They now steal life from human enemies and give you life from it
By Anonymous
How high is the hp drain? Does it compensate for a swing of the chaos blade?
By Anonymous
Got to be players
By Anonymous
In DS1 it was an Occult Weapon, weapons created to kill gods, their divin servants and protected against their power.Dose it still have a very high lightning shield? Used to use this as a shield when hunting Blue Drakes in DS1, really shielded me against their lightning breath.
By Anonymous
Don't know if you're still looking, but it's ok. There are far better options, however.
By Anonymous
Or does the scaling only affect striking damage?
By Anonymous
If you give the umbran ash of Yuria to the undead merchant at firelink shrine she will also sell this weapon along with anything else previously available through yuria.
By Anonymous
I can't seem to get it to absorb any HP. Yes, I am doing it on humanoid enemies.
By Anonymous
It only works on other players
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