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By Anonymous
Coinvading at high wall and my co invader accidentally one shot me with this.
By Anonymous
You can reasonably kill dancer immediately after getting this
By Anonymous
It would be cool to have an enhaced, paired version when combined with a second dark hand in ng+. Would work almost the same as caestus, but the grab would change to maje yourself grow 1.5x your current size and lunge forward for a life-stealing bear hug with hyper armor. Idk, just having ideas to give ng+ some worth.
By Anonymous
is this obtainable in sl1?
By Anonymous
Not in singleplayer, Yoel needs to level you up 5 times before Yuria will show up. Online perhaps you could have someone drop this for you
By Anonymous
He means sl1, Soul Level 1. which means you start as deprived and you do not level up. Oh now i know what you are talking about im stupid.
By Anonymous
The kiss of death. Love this weapon. Killed countless invaders and hosts with its weapon art, 40 int 40 faith build it hits for 1200 dmg.
By Anonymous
Opponent: enchants his greatshield with magic shield

This hand's weapon art: "he he he ha"
By Anonymous
ds3 drake sword
By Anonymous
I can't understand: does this weapon have active poise on WA?
By Anonymous
It has a tiny amount of hyperarmor.
By Anonymous
This weapon might be strong in lothric
By Anonymous
a real shame that such a cool weird weapon is so **** for anything besides early game. but i guess its inevitable when you cant even reinforce it.
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