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fire heal? is armor
It's the Cliff Underside bonfire
i found him but he refuses to come with me because i'm not magically inclined as a strength character. what's the minimum stats to have him?
you may have found another npc because no mater what build i do i can recruit him. for the guy you found 10 int to recruit.
Only asking, because the Miracles and Sorcery character die/leave under certain conditions, and I -REALLY- don't want the Pyromancy guy to leave me as well.
I just gave him the izalith tome, he seems pretty content where he is. I'll let you know if anything changes
Yeah so I am a faith character, he is an intelligence NPC, wasnt good enough so he left his cage. I kinda forgot about him but he does not seem to be in firelink shrine. Can anyone help me?



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Wait scratch that im insanely stupid and walked past him 11 times or so.



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hes hoontin for meat
So am I missing something? I did the fight and had the NPC but the armor didnt appear in his cage. wtf.
It doesn´t seem to appear if the NPC dies. The same happened to me, just kill Ornyx for the armor.
The same happened to me. Maybe its a bug. Not fair, even if he dies they should give us the armor set. Cannot kill Cornyx because he is the one who upgrades de pyromancy flame :-(
Three firebombs throwing undead
Summoned the NPC, killed the boss, no set+whip in the cage...NPC did die durring the boss battle though, that may be a deal-breaker =/
yep the npc cannot die in order to get te armor an whip
Must say pretty dissapointed, after getting all of his things and upgrading flame, you will get nothing but his ordinary phrases, he will still sit there without any purpose.I was hopingfor some *goodbye i must go* or some event but alas nothing happens.
Yeah all the NPCs had few generic dialogues, and they often didnt fit the situation
He can still upgrade your Flames.