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By Anonymous
Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords will decimate this guy. Spam RB, running LB, LB and weapon art in his openings and he won't be much of a hassle
By Anonymous
Fromsoft really went apes*it with the butterflies, spamming AOE blasts and deadly lasers every 15 seconds from two different sides while you are trying to fight an even deadlier c**t? are you f**king kidding me? Insult to injury this motherf**ker doesn't even let you dodge their projectiles in peace, oh no "let me just send a big f**king air disk to your face which goes through walls while you dodge ten thousand meatballs." Compare this b*tch to Slave Knight Gael, in phase 3 there is addition of lightning strikes but the lightning is not random, it always hits the marked spots that you can clearly see without having to lock off Gael so you can easily move away from them way before lightning strikes there, but with the butterflies you can't even look at them to know what is happening because he will just murder you in two swings, you have to f**king listen to sound cues and then lock off and run away while still looking back at him so he doesn't just knock you down with a disc attack, the arena is already so small and they made their attacks track the player, like what the actual f**k!
By Anonymous
Just say your bad and move on
By Anonymous
try rolling casul
By Anonymous
Along with Pestilent Mist Phase 2 also doesn't trigger if you use Snap Freeze spell to deal all the damage or just let a summon deal all the damage, phase 2 is scripted to trigger only if the damage comes from the player, since Pestilent mist and Snap Freeze counts as environmental damage he doesn't go into transition.
By Anonymous
so the armours master abandoned it first of lol second of who in all of Darksouls was this armours owner
By Anonymous
The abyss watchers were edgy

Wolnir was cringe

Pontiff was a nuisance

But the armor managed to succeed where the rest of them failed... and became a cool dude
By Anonymous
The fact that his ranged attack goes through walls is kinda BS. The elvated center of his arena offers no protection from it.
Also, he is so weak to frost that you can easly kill him even with unupgraded Irithyl weapon. I struggled with him on ng+ while playing sorcerer and managed to get him with basic Irithyl SS with little stats to scale, frostbite really did all the work.
By Anonymous
pestilent mist is a fairly satisfying and different way to fight DSA
By Anonymous
wait does it actually work
By Anonymous
This handsome cool looking bietch is a nightmare on sl1
By Anonymous
Well I'm assuming most bosses are...
By Anonymous
This boss actually took me longer to beat than nameless king
By Anonymous
i absolutely love how big and tanky this dude looks, its basically a even more brute gundyr
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