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By Anonymous
am i the only one that looked for this because of fighter pl?
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I came from ChaseTheBro
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Discount llewellyn, but still oh so good. Available from the first real area of the game, if this drops you're set if you wanted a light small shield. While it doesn't give the same defenses as llewellyn, the stability is alittle higher and can still soak up more damage than you think whilst being 1 unit lighter than the llewellyn. 8/10 would farm again.
By Anonymous
why is this a rare drop
By Anonymous
bc it's too gud for a regular drop
By Anonymous
Rare? im doing a SL1 run and this item dropped instantly from a hollow? how is this rare?
By Anonymous
If I parry well with a caestus, would I still be as effective, or will I have to learn new timings?
By Anonymous
A * could parry with this shield. I use a medium shield for somewhat of a challenge lol
By Anonymous
The reason you would choose this over a caestus is for the setup parrys. It is pretty simple to parry with but the animation can be somewhat deceptive. Very easy to learn however.
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By Vanishq
Easily one of my favorite shields. I use it 24/7 for parrying and isn't half bad if you're just trying to block with low weight. Also, you can get it at the start of the game, so this makes early game bosses like sage and watchers quite easy. (granted you can do enough damage and can parry well.)
By KilanDroy
I looted this basically after 2 minutes I was on the high wall, shure, after I've fount other fancier shield, but in numbers and effectivness, at least till now, at the end of the day i end using this.
By Anonymous
Pretty ridiculous stability for how much is protects, no wonder everyone uses this
By Anonymous
tryhard shield
By Anonymous
anti-casul shield
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10 Claymore+Iron round shield pvp tryhards have disliked this comment so far
By Anonymous
I use it cause 1) looks cool but mostly 2) I am greirat the thief and this shield is worthy of my name
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This is early game. Lighter than a llwellyn shield, has better physical block by 1% and has better stability by also 1. Not worth the super farming needed but it's pretty op.
By Anonymous
You can parry with a Katana? How does that work? I have never seen that before, does it have to be a specific Katana? I have never really used one in battle, just to check out. I know enemies parry me with the Falchion but I did not think it was possible for players to parry with the Falchion. Is that possible as well?
By Anonymous
You can with it's weapon art! I believe you hold L2 or the left trigger then do the right trigger.this works for every katana except for the dual katana, the frayed blade, and yuria's katana
By Anonymous
you clearly havent fought sword master at the start of the game then, if you actually try to go after him seriously he will parry you with his WA