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this might change if i will chose it or not so please answer
100 but its better to hold onto to create a weapon
I don't know why that guy in the reply said that, but it's 2000 souls.
Also, I don't think you can create any weapon with this, it doesn't make much sense and I haven't found anything about it.
There is no "master key" gift in this game, so you should pick whichever you like. I will probably pick the soul myself since it's about 2 free levels in the early stages, simple and plain.
you lib tard it literally says used to acquire 2000 souls
I picked it as my starting item and can't find it anywhere.
Exact same here
Same here it just disappeared from my inventory after the first boss fight. Any answers?
Me neither...
Can confirm it does the same on PS4.
Hi guys I've managed to find the issue, at least on PC version as soon as you start the game with this gift, the name changes to Soul of a Nameless Soldier or something like that. It it not names Sovereignless Soul anymore
and tell me what does it give
each and every one of these gifts (beside the orb and the rusted coin)
gives something from the crow
Is this soul unique or is this just one of the different classes of lootable souls found in the environment? I think it would be interesting to hold on to for role-playing reasons if it was actually unique. Fits the herald starting class well.
Me too turns out its is NOT UNIQUE. Its not even a Sovereignless soul gives you a soul of the nameless soldier.
I'm gonna hold on to this. That's some emotional backstory to be forged...
Dark Souls 3's version of the pendant - just more useful
Maybe you can hold onto it and use it to make a special weapon later.
This item gift does NOT give you a Sovereignless Soul.
Instead it gives you a Soul of the Nameless Soldier, which can be found in many places throughout the game.
Souls of nameless soldiers are sovereignless. All absorvbale ones are.
I don't think this is the soul of your character's lover, I think it's the soul of the undead who was "sleeping" in the next coffin over.
Like, if I would take this as my gift item, I would not use it haha.