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By Anonymous
Honestly do bosses stay that bad? I just beat him and thought the fight was just silly. Half of the fight seemed like a buggy mess. Either it was me under him beating the **** out of him or he would hit me without actually hiting me. Kinda easy and yet annoying fight.
By Anonymous
Deep Axe and Uchi boi make this too easy
By Anonymous
Big Fat Dog :)
By Anonymous
"The middle Dutch word "vorst" cognates with the English word frost" Frost is german. Der Frost. masculine.
By Anonymous
Have been trying to help players as a summon for Vordt with my Sunbro using a Mace, and instead everyone is like "...Dancer?" and goes and runs off with their other phantom. I follow to the door, but just sit outside. I'm here to help those who struggle with an early boss (and there has been plenty), not to multiply the health of Dancer when we're all SL20, only for them to still get 2 shot before she's even at half health..
By Anonymous
Pretty sure any charged heavy attack staggers him. I staggered him during the ice breath with an unarmed charged heavy.
By Anonymous
How to cheese him?
Roll under him towards his butt then slash your way to victory
By Anonymous
Well I must ****ing suck if I got stuck and decided to quit on this boss. Tutorial boss didn't give me trouble but this **** did. Tried to stay behind him and he just jumps away, turns around and instakills me. Screw this
By Anonymous
Many struggle with him in phase 2. When he screams do as much damage to him as you can and then run in the middle of the arena so you have enough space to avoid his rushes until he does the ice breath.
By Anonymous
git gud
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