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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
An axe wielding knight over up the stairs to the far left and the Katana wielding NPC to the right of the boss fog
By Anonymous
Can't find the Knight's summon location? Near the red eye knight?
By Anonymous
Found it at up and middle staircase left side from boss fog.
By Anonymous
An un-upgraded bandit axe wielded with both hands gives enough significant damage to easily chip down the bosses health. four estus flask is more than enough to provide the safety buffer, provided you roll through all his attacks.
By hichanbis
Having a hard time with the thief.Seems like he can't bleed or be parried.
By Anonymous
I started Thief, the shortbow does decent enough damage but its easy to get caught when he charges due to the long attack animation. I used a longsword+3
By Anonymous
typically in these games larger bosses can't be parried.He can't be bled either, unfortunately
By Anonymous
ow mind goody
By Anonymous
I got Vordt of the Boreal's soul but I don't know what I should do with it. Can I make it into a weapon or do I sell it for souls?
By Anonymous
Unless you've transposed all gear from boss souls, never ever EVER should you use boss souls for souls
By Anonymous
Had problems as the sorcerer. Used rapier and magic attacks to beat him. When going into the fight, buff your magic and you can normally cast two heavy soul arrows before he first charges. As he charges roll around and hit with rapier, casting soul arrow if he leaps past you. You can get a heavy soul arrow off when he buffs, and when he breaths you can staff buff and shoot a heavy also; do be careful this will stop the breath and he will charge. Other than that, watch for the dodges and the multi sweep attacks
By Anonymous
Is it posible to become the Soul from him again after Defeat him ?I Used the Soul to become "Souls" but i found a couple Hours after the item to transform the Boss souls into Weapons but i dont know it befor.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
There is only one, Ng+
By Anonymous
Imporant to note that another boss is really close and that you should consider being able to deal with one too its the other "Boreal Valley" one
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