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By Anonymous
I feel like the only way to join the possibly returning dragon covenant is to kill ocerios. He was acording to the lore to be obsessed with the dragons after all.
By Anonymous
Hey, I don't think so. If you beat Gwyn's Firstborn then the Ancient Wyvern, you get the Dragon Torso Stone.
By Anonymous
Any conections with Seath? They kinda look similar
By Anonymous
He is a seathe and manus combination. Like Aldritch was a gwyndolin and nito combo
By Anonymous
So, apparently, some people have been digging around in the Japanese item descriptions and Oceiros is mentioned as being a former fire deity and having a child named Ocelotte with a "sun princess." I don't know if any of this is completely true, so take it with a grain (or more) of salt. Still, the description of the divine blessing in this game seems to support the claim a bit.
By Anonymous
It sounds like he screams ocelotte when he moves to phase 2
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I think that he's trying to yell "Ocelotte", but it degenerates into a feral scream. I don't think he says Ocelotte again afterwards. But that last haunts me...
By Anonymous
He does, several times. And it's very unsettling.
By Anonymous
Hawkwood the deserter can be summoned for this fight
By Anonymous
Looks like a fusion between Ludwig from Bloodborne and Seathe.
By Anonymous
So by the description, we can assume that The Lothric queen was an other part of the soul of Manus ?
By Anonymous
Gwynevere - lothric queeen
By Anonymous
therefor going to be the hardest boss
By Anonymous
Beat him first try with an Estoc, while under the effects of Toxin. Extremely easy, just stay behind him.
By Anonymous
Those who beat him on first are either over leveled, or got lucky. Brat him on 3rd
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