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By Anonymous
I have never died to this boss. Have no hits in 4 ng+.
By Anonymous
Your point ?
By Anonymous
Must be tough constanly trying not to drown in all that strange
By Anonymous
"this boss won't be too tricky for pyromancers"

I disagree.
By Anonymous
i can confirm that it's a cakewalk
By FatherThyme
Try Snap Freeze plus pyro spells. You can use some garbage staff and min requirements for Snap Freeze since the damage is fixed.
By Anonymous
They took this boss straight out of bloodborne
By Anonymous
Is he immune to Pestilent Mist? I figure he is since he casts it himself but idk... wiki doesn't say anything
By Anonymous
confirmation that it does actually work!
phase 1 its good, but i think snap freeze + torch will be a bit more effective.
phase 2 youll probably hurt yourself too much from it, but is pretty effective if youre using the cheese method
By Anonymous
When I first fight him in ng I though he was the final boss. Hardest fight I had. After beating him in my 20th try there was no credits. Then I wandered around 2 weeks to find the final boss or the thing that triggers the credits. I refused to look on wiki like the casuals does. Turns out I have to put some skulls on thrones. ****! than I beat the Soul of Cinder with my 170lvl character in first try.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Ha you’re a stupid casual for not knowing what to do
By Anonymous
"casuals do" you filthy illiterate fiend
By Anonymous
Can you get his staff?
By Anonymous
moonlight greatsword and dragon breath are the only transposition options, so no
By Anonymous
The sounds are the wings spurting out. About the baby crying: I have no idea why we can hear it. Shock value only probably. There's, no baby anywhere, he looks like he's hoding one. Maybe it's a way to show Oceiros real memmories?
By Anonymous
He has hidden the baby via invisibility. We can assume this from the opening dialogue:
"Ahh, you ignorant slaves [for not having realised sooner the existance and threat that may pose this dragon bady]. Finally taken notice have you [of the the power of the hidden mighty dragon baby]?
Of the power of my beloved Ocelotte, child of dragons.

Well, I will not give him up [I've taken all measure thus far to protect him, by hidding his existance, I'll continue to even if it costs my own life].
For he is all that I have."

By Anonymous
The assumption is that the baby is invisible. If you look at the Alpha in the game, you can see the baby he is cradling. When he goes bezerk he smashes it into the ground and it starts crying.
By Anonymous
Yup, there's a character model for Ocelotte but they made it invisible, probably because it was too graphic. He's holding her in his hands during the first phase and drops her (killing her) in the second.
By Anonymous
Such a twisted and depressing fight. :'(
By Anonymous
Go crazy. Go stupid. Smh.. Go crazy. Go stupid.
By Anonymous
the first phase is too weak, they should give him a magic baby that can shoot beams and cast some strong magic, maybe even make a shield? It will also be cooler when he gets mad and kills the baby. If a real baby is dead, its more realistic than an imaginary baby. Even though both babies are just in the game and not real...
By Anonymous
what the actual ****, this is border line **** levels it might even be a **** post
By Anonymous
f word you
By Anonymous
Pretty sure baby killing would get the game banned
By Anonymous
i thought he had a baby in the alpha, when he slams the ground in the second phase it kills it. probably to grafic tho thats why they removed it
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