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By Drake_Bridge_Invader
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Stomp could be great, but it remains to be seen if the b-sword keeps the low stamina cost of prior versions.
By Anonymous
why no love for this weapon. It is VERY good in PVE due to the heaviness of strikes that are not that slow and cost much less stamina... Also ***** good in pvp for the same reasons.
By Anonymous
This is my first upgraded weapon on my 2H STR character. I also considered the claymore. You can get both early. I chose this because its 2H moveset is essentially identical to the claymore, but is faster and I wanted to stick with 10 dex. The weapon skill is also arguably better and it's a bit lighter.
By VoxelAG
Best IMO. Stat-wise, the brother of the Claymore, but the slightly faster moveset and the Skill R2 makes me wonder why this weapon is not used as much as the Claymore.
By Anonymous
Its like the *****, the length and size matter.
By Anonymous
claymore is longer
By Anonymous
It's not the size of the ship. Its the motion of the ocean~
By Anonymous
This and the Claymore are, in my opinion, the best greatswords. Simple, historic syles. They have the same damage but slightly different movesets, making them ideal for different situations. This guy has the fun throw-yo-***-in-the-air stomp special, while the Claymore has the standard shield break and heavy hit like many straight swords. Only thing the Bastard Sword lacks is a stab, but then the Claymore would be obsolete. They both stay close at my side in pve and pvp situations alike.
By Anonymous
it also takes less stamina than most of the greatsword for example the claymore
By Anonymous
Deep Bastard Sword or Dark Bastard Sword xD
By Anonymous
Simple Bastard Sword ;p
By Anonymous
SHARP Bastard Sword or HEAVY Bastard Sword
By Renozuken
How about Raw.
Is the Raw gem good to infuse on your Bastard Sword?
You can access the Bastard Sword pretty early in the game, and I don't think that The loss of the D-scalings is that hard of a penalty right?
By Anonymous
With a name like "Bastard Sword" come on! The only thing I don't like is the reach which is why I go with claymore over it but this one will always be a close second as far as GS goes
By Anonymous
I guess you could say only a mean bastard could dislike this weapon ;)
By Anonymous
thats not witty or funny in any way
By Anonymous
I agree, the bastard sword is incredibly underrated. It absolutely destroys in PvE and PvP, and is fast and costs no stamina, you can get a hit in, combo, and roll away without losing much stamina at all
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