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By Anonymous
Crystal Bastard! Crystal Bastard!
By Anonymous
Is the bastard sword's DPS lower than a claymore?
By Anonymous
It's a downgrade to the claymore, most definitely.

As in, it got downgraded from "god tier" to "really good tier". This weapon is still strong af
By Anonymous
this bad boi nerfs half of your pve playthrough into a child's game. almost guaranteed poise/shield break against larger enemies and the raw version is op af while allowing you to wield additional int or fth based weapon. never understood the appeal of the broadsword when this thing exists. very beautiful very powerful.
By Anonymous
Generally a worse weapon than the Claymore, but it makes up for that in being more fun to use. The R2's really feel like you put some force behind them, while thrust R2's look pretty awkward. And no one can deny that Stomp is fun.
By Anonymous
Jesus, I just realized this essentially is the Broadsword's older brother
By Anonymous
Would this weapon be worth infusing as blessed?
By Anonymous
Definitely, this thing hits HARD with a strength/faith build, one of the best blessed-infusion weapons imo
By 0rion
Only greatsword usable at sl1 right from the beginning of the game (no rings). A knight can 2 hand this
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
the only sl1 starting class is deprived, who has 10 str and 10 dex, so no, you can't use this on a sl1 build, unless you have the knights ring
By Anonymous
I feel like people will start to use this weapon more in Elden Ring (just a feeling).
By Anonymous
Yep, because the flag character that they keep showing in trailers (Bloody Wolf) is wielding it.
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