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Isn't this in the greataxe category? What's it doing here?
There ya go, now its in the right place, thanks whoever edited it.



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I always thought this was a cool-looking weapon in Dark Souls 2 but god its moveset SUCKED. Just like every other Reaper-category weapon really which this was in the last game. Now that it's a Curved Greatsword it should actually be fun to use now finally (and hopefully for the actual Reapers they make their movesets more... palatable this time).
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Not a curved greatsword
Got this from one of the machete-wielding enemies at the third bonfire, third entry down. Not sure the name of the area as I'm playing the Japanese version right now.

Seems like a low drop rate. I've killed tons of them and got lucky with this after my third kill. Haven't seen one since.


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The great machete only requires 10 dex, not 12.
I'm sure there is an explanation to this, but when this item is raw, it still gains +dmg despite having no parameter bonus

Or is this number meant to represent the dmg I'm incapable of without dual wielding?(since I don't have enough strength for 1 hand)
If you don't meet the requirements, you get a damage reduction
If you want early-mid game heavy strength weapon look no further than this. It has nice moveset and is still fast enough to stunlock enemies on consecutive hits. I had success with it in both PvE and PvP. PvP is a bit tricky but since almost noone uses heavy weapons in PvP people will be often not know how to fight heavy weapons. I flattened many Estoc users with this thing, though a more experienced player will be pretty hard to take down.
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I've been farming this for awhile now (granted without using anything extra and 11 base luck of a Warrior) and still have yet to see one drop. Has anybody have one drop in a reasonable time?
261 discovery just killed 5 guys and got it

but well im always kinda lucky with drops as it seems
First time with knights base luck took about 4 runs, I used the crystal sage bonfire and ran to the two guys near the fat lady. Second time took like 30 tries with warriors base luck.
I got this the second time I killed one of these guys, so you should be fine if you just keep farming for it
You should farm for this ! 2 handed raw +2 will take you at least to farron!
So will the broadsword +0... just saying, to Farron isn't anything.
^^ this guy knows
If you're good at playing, bare fists can carry to the end of the game, so your statement means nothing
As I currently use this weapon and haven't fount a weapon yet to replace it (sill in mid-game about), I could find out the values of heavy +1 and so on.