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By rhiannon
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What amazing armor design...I am looking forward to getting it in-game. I'm kinda glad the japanese version comes out first because I'm willing to bet there's like, a quest like Lautrec for getting it xD so I can follow that
By Anonymous
like little moth, flittering towards the flame. ***** I love this line
By derneue1987
how can I summon him he is not with fog games on the xbox one
By Anonymous
*****ing amazing. Really did a good job with this character in particular.
By Anonymous
He dropped the weapon and shield when i killed him.
By Anonymous
I brougt her to firelink and gave her the tomes, right after i beat Aldritch, found her laying dead on the floor, next to gundyr's arena, with Eygon of Carim hostile. Don't know what caused it.
By Anonymous
Ah! Sorry, meant to put this on Irina's page.
By Anonymous
It's fine, they are both tightly related. I think let her teach you Dark Miracles angered Eygon cause it cause Irina gone impure, therefore unable to fulfill her dream to become a FireKeeper. Eygon killed her on her request and turns against you who basically caused all that. If you want to learn Dark Miracle without ruin this quest line, just wait till you save Karla from Irthyll Dungeons and let her teach you them.
By Anonymous
I don't care about his help, but do want the dark miracles. If I just kill him outright will that mess up my ability to get them?
By Anonymous
Despite being a knight of Carim like Lautrec, it seemd Eygon has much more in common with Garl Vinland );
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
guys i hit him by accident can i unagro him?
By Anonymous
Kick him off the cliff if he's still in Undead Settlement, he never even had a chance
By Anonymous
same here dude, I really need him to stop two-hitting me
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