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so I got eygon to the abyss watchers boss door via short cut you open and he couldn't pass through the fog door?? sadness I was really hoping to get him into that fight :((
I call *******, the tower you pass through to get onto the road of sacrifices has a fog wall on it...
He meant the summoned one from before crystal sage
^ he has a summon sign in crucifixion woods. No fog wall between there and the Abyss Watchers.
Fun Fact: The Hollows with the pots won't Aggro him. They can hit him with no consequences. He just takes it until he dies.

Unrelated, guess who got Mornes great Hammer and Moaning Shield at level 20?
isn't that the case with ALL npcs in this game?
The hollows with the pots killed Siegward while I was trying to talk with him once sooooooo..
Huh, for me, Eygon thought *I* was hitting him with the machetes and decided it would be cool to help them squash me.
I have her a dark tone but never sought the spell, will he take her away or does he do that when I buy the spell?
He will turn hostile if you give her a dark tome whether or not you purchase a dark spell from her or not. Her dialogue will change as she succumbs to darkness and Eygon will take her away.
If you give her the dark tomes, but don't buy any of those spells, and you buy ALL of the regular miracles from her, then she will give you back the dark tomes and not succumb to darkness.
i wonder how many vitality points does he have, considering the weight of his equipment...
You can build him 2 ways. Stay true to the cosplay and let him fatrole or make him midrolling for pvp without the shield. Depending of what you want you need 30 to 50 in vitality. Havel ring +2 is a must have. Avoid Prisoner Chain.
Prisoner chain was buffed. Use it.
I am having trouble getting eygon to leave his summon sign. I have talked to irina and freed her and talked to eygon after as well. I am level 48 sorcerer and have ventured some way into farron keep but have not killed the crystal sage boss, does my level effect whether or not he will leave his signature? i have not given irina any tomes or bought any miracles and cannot seem to find eygon anywhere. can someone shed some light on this?
If his summon sign isn't in the room below Orbeck with the hollow Sorcerers you're most likely bugged.
Try exhausting Irinas dialog, his sign appeared for me after that.
Ah, and I also gave her a tome. That is more likely the trigger.
You need to exhaust all his dialogue before fighting Armour, and visit Firelink one more time, if he isn't in Firelink shrine, then you will be able to see his summon sign. I wasn't able to see his summon sign until after I exhausted all his dialogue. I didn't even give Irina any tomes either.
So what, if you dont kill him there's no way of getting his Hammer and Shield? That kinda sucks, makes sense, but still sucks
No, you can loot them off his corpse when he dies after dragonslayers armor
Well... you can do what I did. NG; bought the dark miracles from Irina. Had to kill him after that, got his armor and weapons. NG+; he survived and is still around, and I can dress up as his twin for giggles.
If you get Irina's good ending, he'll just be dead in the cell you found her in and you can loot him there.
anyone know why eygons estus flask is empty when you fight him outside the shrine? Was he giving it to Irina?
This is one swol guy. You need 58 VIT with the best rings to wear his*****
Well, he does fat roll normally, so he does have lower vit than you'd think (which is why he very rarely rolls). He also doesn't meet his hammer's faith requirements, I'm pretty sure.
if he doesn't have the faith requ. how can he use the weapon art?
He reminds me of Jorah from game of thrones
Eygon locked Irina up to avoid having to look after her.


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Why is he sitting by her cell then?
I seriously doubt that. Eygon may be an *** but he still is loyal to his duty. That would contradict his duty entirely.
"Why is he sitting by her cell then?"

Exactly! He seems a more than capable combatant, yet can't be arsed to walk 20 meters to free her. If he was actually looking for a way to free her, it would have been signified in his dialogue.

Simply put, he's an A-hole.
I'm actually pretty sure Irina is in the cage because Eygon put her there for this reason.Should enemies overrun him or he dies protecting her,she'll be safe in a cage!