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When you kill him as a female, he says: "Irina... this *****"
"Irina.... This wretch"

wretch is the word you're looking for
someone's always be itching
"Members of the Blue Sentinels covenent can be summoned into his world as blue spirits to fight invaders."

"Members of the Blue Sentinels covenent can be summoned into his world as blue spirits to fight invaders."
What does it means? How is it works? It's happening once in one playthrough, or multiple times?
It's true, that I can recive a Proof of a Concord Well Kept?
Tried having him follow me to farron's keep. Just jumps down the hole and dies, every time.
Well, he is supposed to just help you with the Crystal Sage there. I haven't tried it, but maaaaybe if you don't kill the Sage (so his sign wont dissappear) and you make your way trough the swamp and open the shortcut between the Abyss Watchers pre-boss area (the one with 2 Darkwraiths) and the Crucifiction Wood, you could make him help with AW or maybe even the swamp area, but I dunno, maybe he'll just die from the poison.
Can anyone explain the reason WHY Eygon is dead at Irina's cell? Who killed him?
Wondering that, myself.
As mentioned: when Irina is at the Fire Keepers grave she has become a Firekeeper herself: yours to be exact, shown by the fact that she can level you up, just like the other Firekeeper. Therefore Eygon lost his purpose, to protect her until she becomes the Firekeeper tending to the Unkindled that she was supposed to become. I also think that, like Siegmeyer, he committed suicide to find finally peace. It is interesting though, that he chose his final resting place to be the very cell he locked up Irina in..nice dramatic touch
If he thinks Irina is ok, man is he wrong. I didn't bother with her the whole game and now he's dead after the Dragonslayer Armor fight. I gave her the evil tomes and bought all the dark miricles from her. Now she's all messed up.
Unkindled ARE undead, changing names (and game mechanics) is just how history marches on in the Dark Souls world.

As for suicide, that's what they do to avoid going Hollow and attacking you when they "die." Apparently they now have a method with a much higher success rate than Oswalt of Dark Souls 1.
But isn't Seigward not undead but unkindled as stated by him "we unkindled" i think he says when you first meet him.
After an undead serves their purpose they might commit suicide such as siegmyer did after yhorm so that they can pass on peacefully. Not sure if Eygon is undead but if found dead in Irina's old cell then she became a firekeeper or you at least have kept her safe meaning his purpose has come to an end.
Siegward not siegmeyer *****ing *****tard
I was able to summon him for the Soul of Cinder boss fight, not sure how that quite happened. I guess it could have been a cosplayer with the exact name, but I'm not sure. Anyone else experience this?
Do you know if you had character names showing or gamertags? If character names, it's very possible. If not, I dunno.
It was a player I saw someone playing fashion souls as him when I was being summoned as a sunbro at the lord of cinder fight (was at SL 170)
so sad when he dies after he helped us with the bosses
I found Eygon dead in irina's cell, but i can't buy his armor from the old lady
I summoned Eygon for the dragonslayer fight and before crossing the fog-wall I noticed something weird. He always turns his back on you whenever you look in his direction, even if your character isn't facing his direction. If the camera is looking at him, he'll face opposite of it. It's quite strange, my guess is that I gave Irina de Deep Braile Divine Tome, but didn't buy any dark miracles, so I guess he's pissed at me, but I didn't actually "hurt" her, so he's still allied with me. If that's the truth, then that's some excellent way to convey character without dialog or any backstory. We know he cares about her deep down, but he's not going to show it that easily.
All summoned NPC phantoms turn their backs on you if you afk.
I dont know if it was just the lighting but it appears to me that eygon armor was white or at least a gray color when he was wearing it, but when he dies and you take it it appears black, maybe it has something to do with Carim's holy links.
Never heard of it, for me it was always black.