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accidentally agro'd him, will he ever stop trying to kill me or no?
Go ask statue of Velka to pardon you.



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Is he obsessed with keeping Irina pure or something? He sits near where she's locked away, will attack you if you give her dark tomes, turns up dead in her cell... It all seems connected. Maybe he locked her away in a misguided attempt to keep her safe.
The shield and hammer he drops suggested he is a faithful knight into the teaching of Carim Church's teaching. Maybe in fact he want her to be a Fire Keeper due to his respect to such wish due to his religious belief, but he is angry at her for she does not reach the high standard the teaching he received taught him.
Oh, just went back to him and he says "Oh you rescued her did you?" and then says he'll help me as long as she's kept safe. Interesting.
If you want him dead, try hitting him off the cliff he's against. If you're light enough, you may survive the fall at full HP. Note, this is by no means fool proof.

I HIGHLY recommend only doing after testing wether or not you can survive the fall, and even better, after rescuing Irena.
Irina disappeared after I killed Eygon, where'd she go?



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If you purchase any Dark Miracles from Irina, she will fall to darkness, and Eygon will kidnap her. If you kill Eygon, it triggers that anyways. So basically, Irina is meant to disappear...but you just triggered it earlier by killing Eygon.
Accidently agroed him and i dont feel like paying 25000 souls for Velka to pardon me. Im on PC so does anyone know the where i would go on the line of code to fix it so he is no longer agroed?
Just kill him. He doesn't give you anything and dies later anyway.
I wanna buy deep protection from irina but shes gone, i bought Gnaw before so shes gone, where can i find her... Or and i out of luck




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Did you try near the Iudex Gundyr boss area?
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No, ill check but does she still sell miracles?
i got his Armor set best armor in the game
IMO...The Exile Armor Set is far Superior
Fallen Knight set :D
how did you get his armor?
How can you get his armor?


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where after iudix gundyr bonfire is he supposed to be after you buy a dark miracle? i scouted the whole area between firelink and iudix and he isnt anywhere, isnt it supposed to be champion gundyr bonfire - the one in dark version of firelink?
This baffled me as well. go to the cemetery of ash bonfire and towards firelink from there. He'll be standing near the big green doors as you exit the boss area. Should work as long as the girl isn't at firelink. She'll be sitting behind the door as well.
I killed this *****er after the way he talked to me, i didn't even know about those facts above lol