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By Anonymous
I just did this fight as a sorcerer and it was a lot easier than before.
By Anonymous
Also helped a couple people out. CSS and Great Dregs make this boss fight a cake walk.
By Anonymous
You still have to know how to evade cause he will always focus the highest damage dealer. And a dead sorcerer is a worthless sorcerer. ;)
By Anonymous
I recently faced the Nameless King and I would like to leave a tip here:
If this is your first time facing this boss and you're not used to changing equipment, I advise you not to follow the tip to switch between Grass Crest Shield and Lothric Shield (the "big boy toys" as described). This will require a lot more cognitive effort at a critical moment and you may get confused with what you're wearing.. My strategy was to keep Chloranthy Ring and a Lothric Shield on hand and deal with it without having to switch shields.
In this fight you just really need to focus on rolling at the right moment and attack one or two times per opening. It will work!
By Anonymous
My theory is that nameless king had a bad breakup with ornstein over the whole dragon slaying thing, so he exiled himself to arch dragon peak, leaving ornstein in anor londo. Smough was ornsteins rebound, but he eventually left to search for his old bf cause he realized he still had feelings for him. This explains why smough crushes the ornstein illusion and shows no remorse. He felt betrayed. Ornstein finds nameless in archdragon peak and the two fall for each other once again. This explains why you find his armor laying somewhere rather than on his actual corpse. He didn’t need it anymore. Either ornstein became the king of the storm, or nameless is hiding him somewhere in archdragon peak. Nameless may have even placed his armor and weapon there to convince anyone looking for ornstein that he’s dead. Thank you for coming to my TED talk and I’m do sorry you read this.
By Anonymous
The game got butchered in developement. Not as bad as DS2 but its still noticable with a ton of loose ends. So there aren't answers for every question, naturally. Or A and C exist. But B was cut out. Best example are the Lothric royals and Sulyvahn. (if only Vaati would realise this...)
By Anonymous
Pestilent Mist does a huge amount of damage to King of the Storm, brought that lad so far down for us
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By Grim_Reaper
Crystal Soul Spear was just too flashy for you guys, huh?
By Anonymous
what if nameless king was name nameless kink that would be funny i think
By Anonymous
Very enjoyable boss to fight. Now granted I strugelled with him (as I always do since I am used to DS 1 speed of enemies) and you do need either +10 or special +5 weapon to do enough dmg till he bleeds you out of your estus, but in the end as soon as you realize most of his attacks are simply slightly delayed to throw you off, it is fight on the level of Pontiff Sulyvan. While hard fair.
At least that's how I would describe phase 2, phase 1 on the other hand...

It is rather obvious, but this boss really tests your patience in phase 1 thanks to nothing else than the bloody camera. Locking on in phase 1 is a death sentence which really shouldn't be the case now should it, considering that free aim will make half your attacks miss completly for the most miniscule movements of left analog stick.

For anyone strugelling with him I would suggest for you to equip shield with 100% physical and above 60% lightning block. My favourite is by far lothric kinght shield. Physical block is very usefull for phase 1 if you can't turn your camera around fast enough and for phase 2 for his ranged "cloud wave thingis" while lightning block will ensure you can use the shield even against his regural attacks without bleeding HP too fast.

Overall one of the highlights of the game.
By Anonymous
Quote: "Ornstein's spear and armor are found nearby, which could suggest that he was slain by The Nameless King (unlikely, since the armor isn't attached to a dead body), or that Ornstein forsook his duty as a dragonslayer after meeting him, as it is found in much the same way that Siegward's armor is found after Yorm is slain. "

I dunno, this doesn't make sense to me. Didn't Siegward pass away (either from exhaustion/injuries or because his duty now was fulfilled or both), and you find his armor and weapon? Why is it so unlikely Ornsteins body had rotted away or was eaten by dragons, leaving his armor behind after he tried to kill the Nameless King and had been killed?
So either it's the same thing, both passing away, you finding their armor without bodies in them, or Siegward didn't die, just fulfilled his mission and walked off... or maybe us finding Ornsteins armor and weapon left behind at Archdragon Peak IS proof he was beaten by the king a long time ago.
By Anonymous
you could be right, however there are other lore theories, one is that he abandoned his armor and became a dragon and another is that he is the dragon the nameless king is riding (i think that one is a bit far fetched)
By Anonymous
His element was lightning. And since there is no lightning dragon in DS3 I think he was just killed by NK when he realised he was the secret leader of his sworn enemies, the dragon worshippers.
By Anonymous
In my first playthrough I just couldn't beat him. I struggled with first phase, then died in second. I just COULDN'T GET HIM. I tried and tried, but his delayed attacks with deceptively long range were beyond me. I was 120SL dex/qual build. By the end I was forced to cheese him with a bow. It still took like 10 tries, with final one 20 minutes long. Killing him wasn't satisfying, I was just glad for it to be over.
In my second playthorugh (pyro build, used chaos murakomo) killed him first try. In every subsequent also. I think I got gud, but don't know when. It just clicked.
By Anonymous
The Darksouls experience.
By Anonymous
Resistent to bleed?
My bleed character is among my most effective builds against him so what does
"resistent" even mean here?
By Anonymous
Same, my toxic build is supposed to be useless against the first phase, but ironically it is the most effective: only 2 hits and the dragon is down with no estus uses.
By Anonymous
it says resistant not immune bruh
By Anonymous
@anon : yeah. like lightning damage. While lightning damage is pretty much useless and bleed is highly effective. Do you see the problem with "resistent" now, brah?
By Slippery Pete
"He betrayed his kind. Let's wipe his name from existence but leave his name openly out there in the name of an armor set."
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