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By Anonymous
After trying a couple dozen times of trying I finally did him in. In phase 1, Sunlight Spear absolutely melts away the mount's health. In phase 2 the number of opportunities to punish Nameless is few. Getting a few hits whenever he does his jump attack or the lunge attack after rolling towards him is the way to go. Whenever he does the 4/5 hit combo just spam roll and get as far away from him as possible (also do the same if you need to heal). Play as safe as possible and don't get too greedy with attacks and you'll win fairly easily.
By GreySkale45
Miracles-only strategy:

Equipment: Yorshka's Chime +10, Caitha's Chime (second right-hand slot), Saint-Tree Bellvine left hand. Morne's Ring, Sun's Firstborn ring, and Lloyd's Sword ring/Lightning Clutch ring.

Stats: 60 Faith and dump into Int.

Spells: Great Lightning Spear, or Sunlight Spear if you have it. Dorhy's Gnawing for phase 2.

Phase 1: Yorshka's Chime and Great Lightning/Sunlight Spear. Aim for the bird's head. 3-4 shots (depending on equipment, spell, and stats) will stagger and another 2-3 will take it out. (For Lightning Clutch Ring users: Ring swap to Dark Clutch the second that HP bar hits zero. Swapping will be much harder in phase 2).

Phase 2: Soft swap to Caitha's Chime (menu won't stay open for ring + weapon swap unless you're incredibly quick) and Dorhy's Gnawing. Fire off a Gnawing during NK's recovery times after attacks. Two is enough to bleed him, but be patient. You don't want to die, so focus on evasion first and casting second.

Congrats in advance!
By Anonymous
so you murdered Yorshka...
By Anonymous
For miracle users it's pretty much a must to kill her once. There's no other way to get her precious chime after all.
By GreySkale45
You can do it without Yorshka's Chime, but it'll take a few hundred points of your damage in return. The Chime is optimal, and while I don't like killing her, she's probably better off not being miserable anyway.
By Anonymous
not mentioned in the post but his strategy is extremely easy compared to melee as the only moves he has to catch you at range are easily dodged and Dorhys' does consistently high damage to the point that the fight does not last too long.
By Anonymous
Was just fishing for memes. Yorshka is a moon light illusion of Gwyndolin anyway same as Gwynevere was in DS1.
By Anonymous
Your advice is terrible and your build is not a miracle build if you dump int
By Anonymous
this dude an ******* lmao. Just beat him on my 6th or 7th try i think i got lucky but ill take it
By Anonymous
Phase one is over in seconds for me now, but regardless of what setup I use, I get stomped in phase two before even getting 10% of his health off. If he hits you even once, his attacks are so relentless that you won't get time to estus and block/roll so you're dead. Also, he's 'weak' to dark and fire like I'm weak against nerf darts.

A very cool fight, yes, but even by DS3 standards it's too damn hard
By Anonymous
Git gud
By Anonymous
too hard for ds3 standards? he's not even the hardest boss in the game. everyone has their own opinions, but most people consider midir, friede, and even gael to be harder than nameless king.
By Anonymous
He's an optional boss in a secret area. In those circumstances, there's no such thing as "too hard".

The strategy to beat him is the same as every other boss in the game. Focus on evasion at first, until you learn when it's safe to attack/heal.
By Anonymous
That camera in KotS is revolting. I end up not bothering with lock on for parts of the fight.
But KotS is much easier than the second phase, who just spams lightning.
By Anonymous
you don't lock on to big bosses in Soulsborne games,
my dude.
By Anonymous
I do not understand why people find King of the Storm phase hard. All you need to do is smack the dragons head while watching out for the Nameless King
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By Grim_Reaper
Now it's a just a warm up for the real battle but I still remember how difficult the (~50) first times were. It took me 3 whole days to beat NK back in 2016.
By Anonymous
Literally a piece of cake. Just don't die lol.
By Anonymous
Grim reaper you are a big f****** loser
By Anonymous
I want to uninstall this game
By Anonymous
Using bow makes him the easiest boss in the game.
By DemonsSoulsMaster
If you are running some kind of faith build, make sure to bring along a long range, powerful lightning miracle, such as great lightning spear. Lightning stake can be hit or miss with the bird. Once you kill the bird, use dorhys gnawing for nameless, or enchant your weapon of choice with dark blade or human pine resin if possible. Lightning miracles are useless in the second phase.
By Anonymous
Has anyone else noticed the king of the storms phase theme sounds similar seath the scaless theme
By Anonymous
Ughhh, Nameless King phase is a banger but King of Storms is such a bloody mess to fight, come on Fromsoft - having the bosses gimmick literally be trying to make you lose lock-on? Oh, and I haven't even started about the hitboxes....
By Anonymous
Also, the arena is literally too small for him, both me and him keep getting stuck on invisible walls - it keeps putting its neck into em as well
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