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just killed him on SL1, so hyped about this fight, took me few hours tho :D +10 Raw Broadsword, Abyss Watchers armor, Chloranthy, Lloyd shield and Lloyd sword, bonus hp ring. The most important thing I used were Yellow bug pellets, with these things I could survive most of his hits in p2, even the special attack when he pins target on his weapon and throws him away. Attacks that still one shot: big lightning frontal attack that he uses at start of P3, thrust attack in P1, fly around attack in P1, others just put me to 5% health, flame breath in P1 also one shots. Really fun and engaging fight.
Needing help? Google 'Intelligence kills Nameless King' to see how to finish him quickly as a caster or archer
A caster at 117 SL, special INT build glass cannon?


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Some tips: When you enter, get away from the damn wall. Don't attack the feet - head only. Be patient and persistent. Expect lock-on breaks and be ready to track manually - if you lose them, back off/roll away until you've got them again. NK telegraphs all his attacks pretty clearly - time your rolls/blocks accordingly and wait for a gap to get in a hit or 2. Keep your HP topped up. Like the Irithyll Knights, his combos can be up to 7 attacks long. Rushing him down is nearly impossible, so being patient and precise is better. His 2nd phase (with all the lightning attacks) is easier than the 1st with all the charges and swiping, but don't get complacent.
"Bail out Bail out Bail out Bail out Bail out!"
how can he be weak to fire if his armor set is from dragon scale itself
All that hair spray
Omg! I did it! With the Hollow Bandit Knife! Those Bleed procs plus Quickstep made his second phase manageable. Large weapon for the first phase. Quickstep for the second phase.
The only thing that makes this boss difficult is getting the timing right when dodging his attacks. He takes so long to charge up his moves that it can psych you out before you really get the hang of his timing, causing you to dodge too early or too late. He'll take forever to wind up, then the attack will hit you lightning fast (no pun intended)
Phase one: arrow headshots to dragon. Phase two: Dorhy's gnawing wrecks nameless king.
Idle like to mention, you can still get the dragon stone even tho you ring the bell.
I need help to kill this on PS4. Soul level 15. Currently only +1 upgrade weapon level. PSN ID : RizalEzra
Yeah cuz everyone has a char at sl 15 in archdragon peak. Nice try twinky


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No thanks, you guys are the reason most people don't bother going past NG+. You can't handle Vets so your grief us out of people who would stick around otherwise
Are you 2 idiots or is he? If hes sl15 and wants something from after Nameless to twink, theres only 3 things, Twinkling Torso, DSSS and SCS, Both DSSS and SCS have insane stat reqs for low level chars so his advantage is gone. If he wants Twinkling, honestly? It sucks so much he isnt gonna make anyone mad with that its so bad your opponent has to have a *****ing stroke while fighting you so it hits.
Oh wait, hold on i got it, he wants to kill low level players with Lighting Storm