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knight's crossbow with lightning bolts makes phase 1 hilariously easy. Just lock onto the head when it's standing still and dodge the attacks. Riposte almost guaranteed. Second phase...well....good luck
>King of the Storm """"resists"""" Fire >Takes 711 damage from 40/40 CBV >Nameless King is """"weak"""" to Fire >Takes 655 damage from 40/40 CBV Make up your mind lmfao
Beat him. Not nearly as hard as he cracks up to be. Just don't spam roll and you're cool :)
But.... How could Solaire do this to me?
Hit it till it DIES while dodging hits works for me
Even so, some of his moves are hard to dodge, such as his charged thrust attack, for circle spammers, because it takes slightly longer to attack, if you didge right away, he'll catch you on the way up
I got a plan! My plan is we are gonna kill it 10/10 plan
One could even just have to...git gud... Praise the Sun
If you're using a miracle build you can easily one-shot the first phase in ng
Got 70FTH and I can't even tough I finished the dlcs before the nameless king. Already completed the game twice and started a dedicated caster for my platinum trophy run. You can drop him in 4-6hits of lightning stake in the face, but even that is hard to pull off consistently. Casul Comment above confirmed
Caterina armour works like a gem here. If it's too heavy, then try undead legion armour.
Most overhyped boss in DS3. Just killed him first try on my first run, really disappointed. Deals a lot of damage but his moveset is limited and predictable.
I know If you're patient this fight is really easy.
first try is luck. consistency is skill. also, haha you predicted all the moves on your first try? as if, ***** off. you probably just bow spammed him from a distance.
I "Thumbed up'd" you, I'm not a salty whiner. I did the same on my first playthrough as Mage. The huge, open area and moveset grant the patient a opening after every single large lunge.
"predictable" bruh... The fact even the best players and best streamers of the game admits he is one of the most difficult bosses of the game just negates your "bragging" attempt. The fact king of the storm is resistant to what nameless King is weak to and nameless King is resistant to what kos is weak to makes "luck" even less of a favorable factor. So let me direct you to your place r/quityourbull*****video or it didn't happen
Uh Huh, sure
A +5 Fume Ultra Great sword Makes this fight really easy especially the second phase.
Obliterated him and his little winged pet with Vordt's Hammer +5
I beat him on SL1! Raw Dragonslayer Axe +10 with Gold Pine Resin staggered the King of Storms in 4 hits, and only one more was needed after the riposte to move into phase two. Avelyn +10 with 99 Heavy Bolts and 30 Exploding Bolts was enough for Nameless King himself. Rings were Knight's, Hunter's, Lloyd's Shield, and Prisoner's Chain. This also means I've beaten every boss and the game itself at SL1 :D
Video or it never happened