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p l e a s e
Not Gwyn, lol.
gwyn yesss
*Stays in a corner crying and cursing*
I mean, the game isn't still out in Japan, we got the badges, but what about the pictures?

This link is the source. Apparently, From shared it before it's release in Japan
Let's think about it:
- Apparently TNK (The Nameless King) uses the Sunlight Blade miracle which is a miracle wielded by Lord Gwyn's firstborn¹
- They both use some pretty similar weapons²
- TNK looks like Andre and, originally, Andre's design was supposed to be the Firstborn's design.
- Gwyn's Firstborn was expunged from history, had his name forgotten³ and that's why now he is a NAMELESS King.

It's true that he uses a crown much similar to Gwyn's, but besides that i saw nothing on that close-up.
Dude, that's really cool! He was expunged because he found his very own Night Fury.
Good theory, man! I don't want him to be Gwyn, that sounds too lazy for me.
How can it be Gwyn if he doesn't have a beard 4Head
I agree with this, but what I am curious about is why is he riding what appears to be a drake
There is no doubt that the Nameless King is Gwyns Firstborn.

"The Nameless King was once a dragon-slaying god of war, before he sacrificed everything to ally himself with the ancient dragons." (Source: Soul of the Nameless King, Dark Souls 3)

"The weapon of the God of War, who inherited the sunlight of Lord Gwyn, but had respect only for arms, and nothing else."
(Source: Great Lightning Spear, Dark Souls 1)

"The symbol represents Lord Gwyn's firstborn, who lost his deity status and was expunged from the annals. But the old God of War still watches closely over his warriors."
(Source: Sunlight Medal, Dark Souls 1)
lol and we all thought that gwyns firstborn was solaire! Don't lie to me, i know u believed it as well!
Where is this close up??
interesting theory
Interesting theory. But it's actually gwyn. There a close up of the boss that proves it.

The style of armour ( chestplate, braces, skirt for armour, DITTO SAME crown as Gwyn's ), the use of sunlight blade and other lightning attacks is a dead giveaway that this is the firstborn.
Also, the guy wears a cloth below his nose to hide his face. Why? :O
Yes, is confirmed. His Soul description, said that him is the "ancient War God of the Dragonslayers", and Lord Gwynn's Firstbors is also know as the "God of War". The Soul description said also, that him BETRAYED the gods and "allying himself with the Ancient Dragons"....and with this, now we finally knowed WHAT is his famous "sin".
Where do you even find this guy? He's the only boss I missed.
You have to learn the prayer of the dragon gesture and pray by the dragon you find in lothric castle. It'll teleport you to the Area where you find him
Also you can get the new dragon head and torso stones from there, as what I have observed from PEEVE PEEVERSOns livestream
Moonlight Butterfly+ black bird+riding=The Nameless King , gwyn:Cackle! ha!
i hope if you praise the sun as soon as you enter the boss door you get a special interaction (like when you bow to Sir Alonne
Just from his looks and moveset I would argue that this is again Ornstein. This upwards jump charge attack is almost exactly Ornsteins move. Also you get Ornsteins armor right after this fight.
I might be wrong but did Ornstein not learn from the Firstborn ?
Probably is the Firstborn, but Ornstein hypothesis is reasonable.