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That may not work, certainly not the strongest starting gift.
Maybe the giant wont attack you if you start with it. That would be good for speedruns
That was to be followed by and they didn't stack
He gave me1 and stopped attacking me but I had2on me
can calm the giant on a tower so he would stop firing arrows at you.
Someone should add that you can find 2 white branches in the poisonous swamp in Farrons Keep area.
They are beneath a large white birch tree (only one of its kind in swamp) with 3 white soul orbs around the base. The other orb is the Crown of Dusk.

You will know you are there when you see the giant crab. It's the only crab in the poisonous swamp area.
FUN FACT : The giant crab you find there has a chance to drop the Lingering DragonCrest Ring... I received it.
^ yeah, and if you have made peace with him, he'll only shoot at the crab and whatever other hostile things are around it, I wonder if it works for invaders
On a related note; If you have not made peace with the Giant Archer in the Undead Settlement yet, he will shoot his giant arrows at you here as well.
Is this forreal the final version of this? You turn into a gmod-esqque branch that floats around with 4 frames and no shifting animation? I'm shocked that I payed $60 and this is in the game?
Are you serious? You're an anonymously commenting on a description of a consumable item about your opinion of the game.

Please end your existence.
And you don't turn into a branch... -_- you turn into one of several random objects that can already be found in the particular area you're currently in.
This item has existed in different variations across every Dark Souls game. It's a fan favorite, for it's ability to let players "play hide-and-seek", or just to troll around. If you seriously want to complain about something so minuscule, intended for harmless fun, you really should consider stop playing video games altogether as you seem to be the type who doesn't enjoy fun.
apparently if you use it, the giant may help kill enemies with giant arrows.

(lobos jr. playthrough. he used one near the crab in the poison swamp and the giant started the rain of doom)
you don't have to use it, just have it


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You need not USE the item in order for the Giant to not attack you, you just have to have it on you. The giant will also (try) to aid you with suppressing fire in the swamp near the giant crabs. While they do decent damage to the crabs, they can still harm you.
If you do not use the branch he gives you or the burial branch, the great arrows he fires do not hurt you.
Anyone able to see the sparks o nthe the thing if so a poor give away.
There are two more Branches at the base of a White Birch near the Keep Ruins (Road of Sacrifices) Bonfire. From the bonfire go down as if towards the abyss watchers door. The in the swamp poison turn Left. Ahead Should be a giant crab that the giant will shoot at (if close enough to the tree). Once ALL 7 branches are collected then the giant's quest is complete.

(The two other locations are already mentioned, and correct in the wiki.)
Oh, Before I go. If you have certain buff's active, they will show when you use the branch ruining your disguise. I have not tested it out much, but for now both the Lloyd's Sword Ring, and the Sun Light Sword Buff's both show while "hidden".
Then what's the point of having so many...?
So you can use one after the other should you need to? This question doesn't make any sense.
So you can build our favourite trading crow a new nest.