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By Anonymous
Hi I've made a counter twink build would anybody be able to dupe rings armor and weapons to me please? PSN ID : zT_Smokez . Thanks in advance
By Anonymous
Ah, a counter - twink build, such a great thing to do, also, that is a great question.
By Anonymous
oh nice, I upgraded my weapon and now I cant get any summons. great game design!
By Anonymous
I'm SL 35 +4 because I love the catacombs way too much. Fellows with soul levels from 32 to 50, always play embered please. Specially if you need to fight Wolnir. <3
By Anonymous
In your experience, is SL 40 +4 good to find matches at Farron Keep, Cathedral and Catacombs? And at Irithyll or Pontiff?
By Anonymous
I'd try anything from lvl 25-33
By Anonymous
Also I'd stay +2, +3 at the most.
By Anonymous
The thing is, that this list isn't completely consistent, because you can easily level a little bit above what it recommends...

Just be cautious of what people have access to in the different areas, seeing as titanite shards are easy to come by in those areas a +4 weapon is completely fine... people also have access to a little bit of large titanite shards so I would say people in that area tend to have a +3 - +6 weapon.
As for the levels, I would say 30-50 is also fine, but obviously the lower you are the better
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