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At +-100sl you can invade a lot of ng+ ppl it almost every area of the game.
guys can i join my friend his on sl 150 but when i summon him in the below say that i cant summon
Its probably due to connection issues. Try using dried finger, it may help
First off, casul summoner, second off: you may need to use a password if you have not already, but otherwise the aforementioned dried finger will probably help out. Also check your connection(s) just to be sure
So, this summon range matching is not based on how many times we completed entire game. Right?
New game and new game plus are seperated
The NG+ cycle you're on has no bearing on matchmaking.



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You are able to be summoned by anyone in your summon range regardless of new game Example: a character in ng would be allowed to be invaded and invade a ng+7 character
so with my sl50 char with +10 weapons I use for pve (ng+3 etc) it means I can't have a +5 normal upgrade for low/mid level invasions?
I'm sl 10 for invasion, can i go a little higher and still be able to invade at lothric wall?
i imvade currently at sl14 at lothric wall, i find invasions quickly


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I am sl 66 and my weapons are 6 (3) are the weapons too low for general invasion and coop or what would you recommend to me? or rather sl70 +8 (4)?
Ever since I reached SL120 coop has practically ceased. I can go for hours without being summoned.
I think most people are just doing PvP @ SL120 and the ones who continue to PvE will quickly level past 120 once they hit NG+. That said, I would try getting summoned in the frist half of the game, where people coming into NG+ will be around your level.
I just hit NG+5 and still see summon signs all over, have you checked your settings to ensure it's not password protected?
At 120, most are playing PvP, and I’d wager they don’t need any help for bosses. Go into NG+, you’ll see summon signs.
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You cant summon any one in Dark Souls III
Like ***** you can’t.