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By Anonymous
Everyone **** on ds2 but no one plays without from software's worst covenant equipped.
By Anonymous
As someone who usually starts with this covenant, before changing to Sunbro, here is my stance on things that I know someone here wont agree with.

I personally do not much care for PVP in these games. I played all 3 Souls games, and platinumed Bloodborne, so I have dealt with my fair share of invasions.
As someone who also enjoys playing with their friends, always talking over Discord, anytime I get invaded, or one of them, we are always friendly.
We wave, have a toast, etc.
Whoever the host is will stay back and sit, not to interfere in the fight, to make it fair.
Then, whoever the phantoms are will decide who will PVP. The other phantom will sit by the host and wait.
We consider it a fair duel as long as no one interupts a 1v1. Even better if Estus is drained before the fight.
If the phantom, or phantoms, die to the invader, then it goes to the host. At least, thats how we try to play.
I love these games, and I enjoy the stories and deep lore.
Back when I first played, I did not enjoy the constant invasions in Farron or Anor Londo, when all I wanted to do was retrieve my souls and rest at a bonfire. I didn't enjoy that I either had to play un-embered or offline to avoid this. And even with friends, as new players, it got annoying real quick.

I will never fault anyone for being in this covenant, especially a new players.
By Anonymous
What is happening right now is the complete opposite, wich is a ghost town in main game and a gank massacre in the spears of the church. I don't think that's any better, because without invaders the only way to advance in covenants is a half of a month of farming x item. That's the polar opposite of having fun.

I get some people just want to coop, but cmon. That's no excuse to ruin other people' s fun. There are also people who also wants to invade cooperatively, like aldriches (if there remains any nowadays).
By Anonymous
If this covenant was never implemented, you know the same people who whine about invading being hard would be complaining just as much about constant darkmoon invasions
By Anonymous
Hey, if darkmoons were like they were in ds1, i would have no complain at all. What i don't approve is the game rewarding you for being lautrec.
By Anonymous
Excuse me..but do you take yourself seriously..? How can a 1 vs 1, both starting at full health with no healing estus not be fair? Because you decided to gimp yourself with an exotic build or unusual weapon? Who did force you to do that? Me? Your opponent? If you consider a certain weapon to be stronger, then go for it..? Dark Souls always had a rock-paper-scissor system.
"Any other game mode is dead"'s dead since release. This dead game still has an active wiki (<<that by itself is impressive), lots of streamers and a fanatical fanbase.
By Anonymous
the only time this covenent pisses me off is when a gonker uses it. like bro you are the definition of scum, a noob need help but instead your selfish *** is pulling the blues into your world because why? gonkers are so much more toxic than any invader could hope to be
By Anonymous
Ds3 is inferior to ds2 because of the community.
By Anonymous
more like way of poo haha
By Anonymous
"just play hollow arena if you want fair fights" yeah, obviously you haven't even been there. 1 vs 1 has absolutely nothing to do with fair fights and any other gamemode is dead. Stop using this excuse to cover your filth.
By Anonymous
I obviously have been there and still am. If your 1vs1 battles are not fair, maybe equip weapons that complement each other..? Also my game is not dead, since i get invasions frequently and can invade quite fast. In addition, the game is over 5 years old and a successor already announced, so again: Where's the problem?
By Anonymous
Anon 03 jul - kinda proving his point by not knowing that by gamemodes he meant brawls or team matches.
By Anonymous
Sure. point proven. game is awful and 1vs1 with my niche weapon too hard. you are right, have a nice day.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I don't get all those tears... "wE inVADeRs Are aT a diSadVanTaGE..."... yes and it's intentional. I'm someone who likes to invade, who polices as a Blue, does arena and wears this item so other Blues get their concords.
It's the job of an invader to make it harder for the host, make him use up his estus and to slow him down. Invaders are technically bodyguards of the local boss, just like Blue/Golds/Silvers are bodyguards of the host. Killing the host is just a bonus. Sometimes winning is impossible and sometimes the host died to the pve before I even got close.
Play arena or arrange duels via reddit, from your friendlist or whatever, if you want fair fights.
By Anonymous
you use reddit you have no rights
By Anonymous
Th reason n°1 for one-shot builds to exist in this game. I'm still baffled that, to this day, invaders doesn't have a clue about what to do whenever they see me running towards them on my own. Thank you for utterly ruining pvp in ds3.
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