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I doubt it will work well, but would be happy to be proven wrong.
I'll get you this time he-man!


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It'd be nice if they actually added a reason to join -besides- the bodyguard function so that people don't just completely ignore it like they did before.
New players whho hasn't touched a Souls game are bound to come and there are those who just invades for trolling... I think this is a good idea for newcomers in every way.
I'd implore anyone in dks3 who is not currently working on a faction to have way of the blue equipped in case of invaders. Not because you need the help but because it will summon blue sentinels and/or darkmoon blades to fight the invaders so they can rank up. With two covenants centered around this there will be plenty of people who will need and appreciate your doing this. You can be "honorable" as well and not join in the fight if that is your wish. Just help some blue-bros out.
100% agree.


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I'll be proud to take the blue and help you.
"sigh"... if only they had put... I don't know : something to unlock at least ; some points to unlock new ranks, for everytime you defeat an invader, or a Boss maybe ! Just... something !



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Since you can switch covenant on the fly, that means everyone is now a potential blue.
And that, in turn, means blue buddyguards finally have jobs to do :DDD
Dam, they missed an opertunity here... no rewards will discourage people from using it. too bad. Every one wants to feel helpful. I guess sunlight bros will be the way to go if you wanted to help people.
Obviously there are no rewards because if you have this covenant equipped it only helps you. The Blue Sentinels are a separate covenant and they are the ones that get summoned for you when you have the Way of Blue covenant equipped.
Souls, staying alive and invaders covenant items will be your rewards.
So basically this is a ganking covenant?


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yeah it is
No, it's just an anti-invasion covenant. Very useful for newer players or those who just don't want to deal with invasions.
It looks like that if you have Way of the Blue equiped as covenant, that rises the chances to get invaded. In my case, i got invaded by others nearly 10 times in under 10 minutes, but after i left the covenant, i haven't gotten invaded yet. (In time of writing this comment.)
Been in the covenant since I found it. Still haven't been defended once.
That's odd, I get called as a Darkmoon quite often. Bad luck I guess, or maybe try living longer after being invaded :p


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Same here, really sucks