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By Anonymous
I'll be honest, it's nice to have a boss arena with plenty of room to move
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By MatinArtorias
If they gave this boss more hp it would be better.
I was enjoying it till the fight ended too early
By Anonymous
Warped into the crystal sage bonfire because I forgot to grab the sage ring, immediately invaded because I was embered from another boss fight. There happened to be a summon sign near the sage door so I summoned him to gank the invader (smart choice because it was a twink with dark hand and murakumo[?]). Couldn't explain the situation afterwards, so I dragged this poor summon across fannon swamp, getting lost several times along the way, into the abyss watchers fight. Guy was a total bro, we had a wild adventure and we still swept the watchers on the last of our estus. If you are reading this, my friend, thank you.
By Anonymous
Iron flesh is very handy in the first phase, their knife attacks bounce off you and stun them for a second
By Anonymous
Would be nice if these guys had a little more poise, felt like it was too easy to stun-lock them by spamming r1. Especially since they have a fun moveset to play against with fair opportunities to punish.
By Anonymous
hollowslayer greatsword carried this for me
then i attempted it with corvian scythe +3 and i gotta say this fight goes so hard
By Anonymous
First try!
By Anonymous
My 1st try on Knight Strenght build...Heavy Greatsword +4, i´ve summoned Londor Pale Shade /any help is great/, run trough the fog and realize, that the summoned phantom didn´t show up, so it was all up to me only...
the fight was absolutely amazing - it was he or me...t´was only 1 hit between us in the end, but the satisfaction for bringing him down...
nearly heartattack, but only a few games /souls games in translate/ gives me enough satisfaction and effort for a boss fight
By Anonymous
DS3 really do be the kind of game to put you through the most stank level you ever played only to hit you with the best boss fight you've ever seen in your life at the end
By Anonymous
and it also has this boss!
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