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By Anonymous
Launch trailer shows fighting against only one of them with several others dead in the arena.
By Anonymous
In the fight they're like "Maybe we're against each other, but we're still the one". Total epicness...
By Anonymous
Why would they do that to themselves... Why would they fight against each other ? Have they lost their mind ? Was they fighting to know who would become the true lord of cinder ? Or perhaps... Did one, or even more, of them were corrupted by the Dark / the Abyss ? I don't know why, but I think the answers of all these questions come after the fight. Anyway, it's particular and very intriguing that the lord of cinder came, not from one man... but from all of them !
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By OswaldMoore
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"He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster.And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."Either their humanity grow wild and uncontrolable, like the people of Oolacile during the Awakening of Manus or they wanted to be just one whole being powerful enough to contain the abyss forever, idk maybe it have something to do withSPOILERThe boss becoming Unkindled
By Anonymous
maybe they fight each other because the other abyss watchers have turned hollow hence the reanimation? just a thought
By Anonymous
It's like they've been standing guard over the keep for too long. Originally, they were all fine, but eventually the corruption of the abyss took over one, then two, then even more. As their fellow comrades fell to darkness, they began fighting amongst themselves, attempting to contain the darkness that sprouted up in their ranks. (That would explain why they attack each other when a corpse reanimates). However, they couldn't stop it from spreading, and the player probably walks in on the last man taking out his last former comrade. After which, he turns his blade on you to do what the watchers were originally there to do: defend the keepThat's just my reasoning/guess
By Anonymous
Stare into infinite darkness for an eternity. I guarantee that you'd go mad too.
By Anonymous
i assume they are all fighting the abyss therefore being corrupted like arotias, so they have to kill each other to stop the corruption
By Anonymous
"The wolf knight was the first Abyss Watcher, and his sword is more punishing against creations of the abyss."*****, it's Artorias.The whole fight is so *****ing tragic I'm actually crying
By Anonymous
you're a ***
By Anonymous
It's not artorias you dork.
By Anonymous
kill the boss one time first as corpses rise and then he is back, ignited and adding fire to his slashes (all the ashes gather together for that so all for one thing I guess?)
By Anonymous
Black hand Gothard can also be summoned for this fight.his summon sign is in front of the fog gate
By Anonymous
You must clear the area before this Phantom can be summoned.
By Anonymous
U aliso get a gesture from summoning him
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
like artorias
By Weyu
Its easy to miss the bonfire "Farron Keep Perineter" which is super close to the boss. Its just to the right of the place where you fight the 2 dark knights(Those 2 dark knights also gives a total of 5000 souls so its a nice place to farm aswell)
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